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Dutch cit­i­zens join­ing ISIL and far-right rhetoric are cit­ed as fac­tors fu­el­ing as­saults on Mus­lim hous­es of wor­ship.

Published On 26 Dec 2014

Anti-Mo­roc­can com­ments made by Dutch far-right politi­cian Geert Wilders spark de­fec­tions, out­rage and mass protests.

Published On 24 Mar 2014

Amnesty In­ter­na­tion­al says gov­ern­ment forces are re­spon­si­ble for “a shock­ing cat­a­logue of abus­es” in se­cret jails.

Published On 28 Dec 2013

Fac­ing a wors­en­ing at­mos­phere in Egypt, many Syr­i­ans are set­ting off on an un­cer­tain voy­age to Eu­rope.

Published On 3 Dec 2013

Girls as young as 14 are be­ing mar­ried off, fear­ing at­tacks in the world’s sec­ond-largest refugee camp.

Published On 12 Nov 2013

Mass ar­rests and jail with­out charge hark back to Hos­ni Mubarak’s rule, pro­test­ers say.

Published On 7 Oct 2013

About 50,000 Syr­i­ans, most­ly Kurds, have fled to the Dom­iz camp in north­ern Iraq as vi­o­lence rages at home.

Published On 25 May 2013
Syrian refugees in Domiz camp

As the Kur­dis­tan Work­ers’ Par­ty with­draws its fight­ers from Turkey, rel­a­tives hope to be re­unit­ed with their loved ones.

Published On 14 May 2013
A Kurdish mother tells Al Jazeera she wants her child to return safe after fighting for the PKK [Marielle Van Uitert/Al Jazeera]