Ali Mustafa

Ali Mustafa

Ali Mustafa is a broadcast journalist with Al Jazeera English. He has covered politics, security and society in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and North... America since 2004. He graduated from the Master of Arts program at Columbia University with degrees in Politics and Journalism. Follow @Ali_Mustafa //


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Children are forced to work and earn money as parents struggle to provide for families amid raging war.

Published On 29 Dec 2014

Pakistan’s culture of feudal impunity is put in the spotlight after a landowner’s son cuts a boy’s arms off.

Published On 21 Aug 2014

In its quest to remain independent, Singapore has embarked on major arms deals with the US.

Published On 28 Mar 2014

Conflicting narratives over Bangladesh’s bloody war for independence continue to plague relations with Pakistan.

Published On 5 Jan 2014

Diplomatic spat between New Delhi and Washington over diplomat’s arrest has triggered strong emotions in both countries.

Published On 20 Dec 2013

Diplomat’s arrest in New York over wage dispute with her maid escalates into spat between New Delhi and Washington.

Published On 18 Dec 2013