Suitors line up for golden boot

The Golden Boot is awarded to the player who scores the most goals during the World Cup finals. France's Just Fontaine maintains the record of 13 goals during the 1958 finals in Sweden. Brazil has produced the most winners with five Golden Boots. So who will be added to the list in 2

    These boots were made for scoring: Ronaldo's Golden Boot

    Whether they be thundering strikes from outside the goal box or shinned miss-kicks from inside six yards, goals mean everything.

    Due to the relatively low amount of scoring in football compared to other sports, each World Cup goal is memorable in one way or another and each is sure to send the crowds into a frenzy. To be selected in a World Cup squad is one thing, but for a player to score a goal for their country in the biggest football tournament in the world is, well, golden.

    This year the goal gods have blessed us with a host of strikers capable of shaking the back of the net multiple times. Here are our pick of players whose shooting foot may well fit the Golden Boot at Germany 2006.


    Will the Brazilian striker be smiling
    at the end of the tournament?

    With question marks over the fitness of strike partner Ronaldo, and superstars Ronaldinho and Kaka feeding him deft passes all day, the big Brazilian target man may well be in for a long month of goal scoring.

    The current World Champions could go all the way to the final again, giving Adriano a possible seven matches to rack up a big goal tally.

    The Brazilians have won back-to-back World Cup Golden Boots before, and may do so again through Adriano.


    Fitness is an issue, but watch out
    if he takes the field

    If this guy is fit then he will surely be amongst the top goalscorers at Germany '06.

    The main reason his name isn’t on the goal scoring trophy yet is because Ukraine haven’t made it to a World Cup Finals before.

    Now Sheva gets his chance and with some potentially flimsy defenses in Group H and a second round berth beckoning, there could be a Golden Boot on World Cup debut for the dangerous Ukrainian striker.


    Heads up: Klose is an aerial threat
    for Germany

    Nicknamed Salto, which is German for ‘front-flip’ Klose will relish the opportunity to bang some goals in with his home crowd right behind him.

    Klose was equal second behind Ronaldo for the 2002 World Cup Golden Boot, his goal tally of five including a hat-trick against Saudi Arabia.

    Having scored four goals in Germany’s past four warm-up matches, look out for Salto flipping his way through a golden tournament.


    Scoring screamers: van Nistelrooy
    has all the motivation he needs

    Out of favour with club boss Sir Alex Ferguson, the Dutchman will have a point to prove to the Manchester United manager and to 'Oranje' fans on their return to the World Cup Finals.

    The Netherlands are in a tough group where goals may be scarce, but if anyone can conjure up a cheeky goal, this man can.

    Known for being one of the best goal poachers in the game, van Nistelrooy is sure to have a long face if he doesn’t score a bag full during the tournament.


    Thierry Henry: The man with the
    golden touch

    No Golden Boot prediction list would be complete without prolific scorer Thierry Henry. 

    The Frenchman is often mocked for not performing in big matches but he has been the English Premier League’s Golden Boot winner in four of the past five seasons. 

    Les Bleus have assembled a strong squad for Germany 2006 and Henry could lead the way for them with plenty of goals.

    Golden Boot Winners

    World Cup Player (Country) Goals
    1930 Uruguay Guillermo Stabile (ARG) 8
    1934 Italy Edmund Conen (GER) 4
    Oldrich Nejedly (TCH)
    Angelo Schiavio (ITA)
    1938 France Leonidas (BRA) 8
    1950 Brazil Ademir (BRA) 9
    1954 Switzerland Sandor Kocsis (HUN) 11
    1958 Sweden Just Fontaine (FRA) 13
    1962 Chile Florian Albert (HUN) 4
    Garrincha (BRA)
    Valentin Ivanov (URS)
    Drazen Jerkovic (YUG)
    Leonel Sanchez (CHI)
    Vava (BRA)
    1966 England Eusebio (POR) 9
    1970 Mexico Gerd Muller (FRG) 10
    1974 West Germany Grzegorz Lato (POL) 7
    1978 Argentina Mario Kempes (ARG) 6
    1982 Spain Paolo Rossi (ITA) 6
    1986 Mexico Gary Lineker (ENG) 6
    1990 Italy Salvatore Schillaci (ITA) 6
    1994 USA Oleg Salenko (RUS) 6
    Hristo Stoitchkov (BUL)
    1998 France Davor Suker (CRO) 6
    2002 Japan/Korea Ronaldo (BRA) 8

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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