Team profile: Togo

Even the biggest optimist would see Togo's chances of surviving the group stage as mission impossible. Their hopes rest on the shoulders of striker Emmanuel Adebayor, a petulant striker that has impressed Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, but few others.

    FIFA Ranking: 61

    Coach: Otto Pfister

    Key players: Emmanuel Adebayor, Cherif Toure Mamam, Moustapha Salifou

    World Cup record: First appearance

    Qualifying route: Won African Group 1

    Key question: After crashing out of the African Cup of Nations, can The Hawks regroup in time to be competitive?


    Goalkeepers #
    Nimini Tchagnirou 1
    Kossi Agassa 16
    Kodjovi Dodji Obilale 22
    Dare Nibombe 2
    Jean-Paul Abalo 3
    Massamesso Tchangai 5
    Kuami Agboh 8
    Eric Akoto 12
    Ludovic Assemoassa 19
    Afo Erassa 20
    Karim Guede 21
    Toure Assimiou 23
    Emmanuel Adebayor 4
    Yao Aziawonou 6
    Thomas Dossevi 9
    Cherif Toure Mamam 10
    Adekambi Olufade 14
    Alexis Romao 15
    Yao Junior Senaya 18
    Moustapha Salifou 7
    Robert Malm 11
    Richmond Forson 13
    Mohamed Kader 17

    Group matches:

    v South Korea, 13:00 GMT, Tuesday 13th June - Frankfurt

    v Switzerland, 13:00 GMT, Monday 19th June - Dortmund

    v France, 19:00 GMT, Friday 23rd June - Cologne


    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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