Key political exile plans Algeria return

A key figure from the banned Islamic Salvation Front has said that he will return to his home country, Algeria, in July after years in political exile in Germany.

    The FIS leaders were accused of threatening state security

    Rabah Kebir, president of the executive committee of the front, also called Front Islamique du Salat (FIS), told Aljazeera in a telephone call on Monday that his return was coordinated with the Algerian government.

    "Yes, I have a firm intension to come back to Algeria, God willing, next July.

    "It is a personal decision. In the same time, it has been in coordination with Algeria's government," Kebir said.
    Kebir, who escaped house arrest in Algeria on 1973, ruled out the possibility of being chased by the government for legal cases after his return.

    Earlier, Kebir told the Algerian press that his decision to return was taken after Abd al-Aziz Belkhadem, a pro-reconciliation politician, became the prime minister.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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