Comments: US military needs regime change

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Sandy Shank's editorial US military needs regime change.


    cannot admit that the presence of US troops in Iraq is the true reason for the mess. Why not? Because the conclusion would be an immediate withdrawal.

    That would be good for Iraq but bad for America's image around the globe. It is for this image that you want to increase the troops over there. Just for the image, nothing else.


    What horrible morality!

    Helmut Wild, US


    The only real threat to world peace is the United States of America. They have their dirty little hands in every dirty little situation in the world.


    I have little doubt that the entire world would be so much better off if America withdrew all their forces of death to their own country, where they could be better employed safeguarding their own country from all those terrorists, who wouldn't even be bothered any more.
    Guy Dods, New Zealand


    I think that Donnie Rummie should resign.
    Terry Allen, US


    Why Muslims don't get mad at the Muslims who are killing Muslims in all these [recent] attacks? Iraq, Egypt, Palestine… Most of the killings are being done by Muslims.

    Glenn, US


    Iraq has suffered and needs this hideous violence to stop. I would like to hear someone with a plan to make peace happen.

    HN, US


    I think the USA should withdraw but maintain security in the Gulf. They should be on standby in ships. The USA should also consider allowing the Baath Party to reorganise, without having Saddam back in charge.


    Tariq Aziz, the godfather of Iraq's 1970-1980s diplomacy would be a good voice in calming tensions in Iraq. It would provide a new direction that sends a signal that the US really does not want to occupy Iraq, but that it was the leadership that was the main trouble. 


    Dominic Jermano, China


    The international community should try George Bush and Tony Blair since they are responsible for so much of human misery.

    It is not only in Iraq people are dying. People are also dying in Afghanistan. 

    Isaac, Canada

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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