Details of aid to Palestinians

Following are details of US aid to Palestinians after Washington suspended $411 million in funding to the new Hamas-led government and earmarked $245 million for humanitarian aid:

    Direct aid to the Palestinian Authority has been cut

    Humanitarian Aid


    • Food - $65 million
    • Health programmes - $31 million
    • Avian flu prevention - $500,000 in protective equipment
    • Education programmes - $14 million
    • UN Relief Work Agency $135 million
    • Democracy promotion $42 million
    • Project support and operating costs $13 million

    Suspended projects


    • Direct aid to the Palestinian Authority - $45 million
    • Infrastructure projects - $130 million
    • Private enterprise development, financial markets reform, trade programmes and information technology support $20 million
    • Electoral, political party, local government and legislative support programmes - $17 million
    • Civil society development - $13 million
    • Rule of law and judicial programmes - $10 million
    • Technical assistance and vocational training - $7 million
    • Community policing - $4 million
    • Ongoing and planned projects to be reviewed $165 million

    SOURCE: Reuters


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