Jordan hangs two over murder

Authorities in Jordan have executed a Libyan and a Jordanian convicted over the murder of a US diplomat in 2002.

    Security around the prison where the men were executed was tight

    Yasir Saad bin Suwaid, 43, and Yasir Fatah Fraihat, 31, were hanged in Swaka prison south of the capital on Saturday.

    Laurence Foley, 62, an official for the US Agency for International Development, was shot dead outside his home in Amman in October 2002.
    The two hanged convicts were sentenced to death in 2004.
    Commander Bashir al-Daaja, a Jordanian spokesman, said the bodies had already been transferred to a mortuary for collection by their families for burial.
    Tight security was in force on all access roads to the prison from Friday evening for the hangings.
    The jail was one of three in which inmates mutinied on 1 March. About 13 prison officers were held hostage for several hours before their release was negotiated.
    The prisoners were demanding that the death row inmates and terror suspects should be held in a single jail.
    In all, 11 people were tried in connection with Foley's murder,  six of them in absentia, including Iraq's most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
    Muhammad Diamis, a Jordanian, was jailed for 15 years and compatriot Muhammad Said for six. A third Jordanian, Numan al-Hirshi, was acquitted.



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