Alluni trial to resume

The trial of Aljazeera's Spain correspondent Taysir Alluni is to resume in Madrid on Wednesday.

    Alluni has denied charges of having links with al-Qaida

    The court will hear testimonies from several people in the case in which Alluni is accused of being a member of a group in Spain belonging to al-Qaida.


    The charge was denied by the correspondent during a previous hearing session.


    He was released from prison and returned to his Granada home in March after serving 119 days in solitary confinement.


    Syrian-born Alluni, a Spanish citizen, was first arrested in 2003 on suspicion of links with al-Qaida as part of an investigation into suspected Islamist operations in Spain.


    He was then released due to chronic back problems and heart ailments but re-arrested in December 2004 when Spanish authorities feared he might flee the country.


    The minutes of the trial will be broadcast on Aljazeera Mubashir (Live) at 5.30pm Makka time.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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