New Jordanian government sworn in

Jordanian Prime Minister Adnan Badran and his 25-member government have been sworn in before King Abd Allah II, who urged them to accelerate reform in the country.

    King Abd Allah II has urged speedy reforms

    Like the previous government, the new line-up sworn in on Thursday includes four women, while 12 ministers from the former administration have been brought back.


    Badran, 69, is a prominent academic who was tasked on Tuesday by the king to form a pro-reform government to replace the administration of former prime minister Faisal al-Fayez.


    His government is the fourth to emerge since the king ascended the throne in February 1999 following the death of his father, the late king Husain.


    Among key posts, Faruq Kasrawi becomes foreign minister while Badran holds the defence portfolio, Bassim Awad Allah becomes minister of finance and Awni Yervas takes the interior ministry.



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