Jakarta summit to tackle tsunami crisis

As aid workers struggle to feed and shelter millions of survivors, world leaders have arrived in Jakarta to tackle Asia's tsunami crisis and a $2.3 billion humanitarian relief operation.

    The leaders are to discuss reconstruction efforts

    World leaders will meet on Thursday to seek a way to prevent such a catastrophe - where survivors are still burying their dead 10 days after a tsunami killed around 150,000 people - from ever occurring again.

    Indonesia, the worst-hit nation with almost two-thirds of the dead, hopes the one-day summit will agree to set up a regional tsunami warning system, which experts say could have saved many lives. 

    Leaders from 26 nations and humanitarian organisations, along with UN chief Kofi Annan, will also look at the massive reconstruction needed to rebuild the shattered lives of millions of people in six Indian Ocean nations.

    Global aid

    Many countries have already sent or pledged money, personnel, equipment and supplies to the relief effort - the biggest since the second world war - with Japan leading the drive with $500 million in aid.

    Following is a selected list of contributions by governments to the aid effort. 

              Country            Government         
    Algeria                 $2 million
       Australia             $46.5 million
                     Britain                 $96 million                
     Canada               $66 million
        China                  $60.4 million
        Denmark              $76.8 million
        EU                      $31.3 million
                     France                $66.4 million              
        Germany              $27.2 million
     Italy                   $95 million
       Japan                 $500 million
       Kuwait                 $10 million
      North Korea          $150,000

    Qatar                   $25 million
        Saudi Arabia          $30 million
        South Korea          $50 million
        Sweden                $80 million
        UAE                     $20 million
         USA                    $350 million

    Many individuals and companies all around the world have also donated hundreds of millions in cash and kind.

    Military aid

    The relief effort is the biggest
    since the second world war

    In addition to financial aid, some nations have mobilised their military hardware and personnel to assist in search and rescue as well as transport and delivery of aid. Following is selected a list of some countries' contributions:


    Army airlift of nearly 500 tonnes of aid.

    Germany: Mobile hospital and supply ship.


    About 800 troops, army medical and airlift teams, three navy vessels and air force transport aircraft.

    United States: About 12,600 personnel,

    21 US ships including one aircraft carrier and one helicopter carrier.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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