Armed group threatens to behead Turk

An armed group has taken a Turk hostage in Iraq and is threatening to behead him unless his firm and other Turkish companies cooperating with US occupation troops pull out within two days.

    Many Turkish drivers have been captured and killed

    A speaker for the captors, the Islamic Resistance Movement - Noman Brigades, said driver Medhat Chiwi would be killed unless his firm and a Kuwaiti company with which it works stop ferrying supplies to US forces in Iraq.

    The group made their demand in a video aired by Al-Arabiya TV on Saturday.

    "We ask the two companies to desist from these operations, [whose punishment is] beheading. We also warn all Turkish companies cooperating with occupation forces to pull out immediately," the speaker said. 

    An elderly bearded man was shown in the video, with a banner carrying the group's name in the background. Three hooded armed men were briefly shown.



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