Six killed as US bombs Falluja

US warplanes have bombed the Iraqi city of Falluja for the second day, killing six Iraqis, including two children, witnesses and hospital officials say.

    The city's residents have seen several air raids this month

    Another four people, including one child, were wounded, said Falluja Hospital director Rafia Iyad on Friday.

    The US military said it had no information on the attacks on the city west of Baghdad. The region has been a centre of  resistance to US-led occupation forces.

    Several people were also killed and injured in US raids on the city on Thursday.

    The raids occurred as a revolt led by Shia Muslim leader Muqtada al-Sadr continues to grip several cities across central and southern Iraq.

    Falluja's mainly Sunni Muslim residents have expressed solidarity with those fighting the US-led occupation force.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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