Main points of Iraq's constitution

Following are the main points of the Iraqi interim Constitution, according to officials in the US-led occupation administration and Iraqis who took part in talks on the document:

    * Elections for a transitional assembly will be held by the end of January 2005 at the latest. That assembly will draft the permanent constitution.


    * There will be also be an unelected government, probably a shared presidency plus a prime minister and a cabinet.


    * No decision has been made on the shape of the caretaker government, which will take over on 30 June.


    * Full elections should be held by the end of 2005, once a permanent constitution is ready.


    * Islam is the official religion in Iraq, but is not the primary source for legislation.


    * The document includes a comprehensive bill of human rights.


    * The target for female seats in the new assembly is 25%.


    * Iraq will be a federal state. The exact relationship of the provinces, most controversially the Kurdish area in the north, to central authority has not been decided.


    * Kurdish officials say there is still a provision allowing them to maintain their peshmerga militias for the moment.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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