UK poll: 15% say Holocaust exaggerated

More than one in seven people in Britain believe the scale of the Nazi Holocaust against Jews is exaggerated, according to a poll published on Friday.

    Most historians say six million Jews were killed by the Nazis

    The findings of the ICM survey, conducted for the

    Jewish Chronicle newspaper, showed that 15% of those

    polled agreed the scale of the Holocaust

    has been exaggerated.

    Seventy percent disagreed with the statement, and 62%

    disagreed with it strongly, according to the survey, which was

    published in the left-wing Guardian daily newspaper.

    Historians put the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust at around six million - a

    statistic compiled from post-World War II census numbers.

    Moreover, nearly 20% of those questioned in the poll - timed to

    coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day next Tuesday - said that a

    Jewish prime minister would be less acceptable than a member of any

    other faith.

    Asked whether a British Jew would make an equally acceptable

    prime minister as a member of any other faith, 53% agreed and

    18% disagreed, 11% strongly.

    Jewish influence

    Conservative leader Michael
    Howard is Jewish 

    Michael Howard, head of the opposition Conservatives, is the

    first Jewish leader of a major political party in recent times in


    The poll of 1007 people in England, Scotland and Wales found 37%

    agreeing that Jewish people make a positive contribution to

    political, social and cultural life of Britain, with 20%


    Meanwhile, 18% agreed that Jews had too much influence,

    while 47% disagreed.

    Britain's Home Secretary David Blunkett, interviewed by the

    Guardian, expressed his disappointment at the poll's findings.

    "It means people are prepared to set aside not only the

    evidence, but the overwhelming emotion that goes with it," Blunkett


    "They delude themselves into believing that the Nazis are not

    what we know them to be and this is very depressing."



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