Israel violated truce 854 times

Israel honoured the recent interim truce in the West Bank and Gaza more in the breach than in the observance, according to a Palestinian human rights report.

    Israeli occupation forces routinely flouted the truce

    In July alone the Jewish State violated the ceasefire no fewer than 854 times.


    The report by the Palestinian National Information Centre of the Gaza Information Service records that the violations included the killing of seven Palestinians


    Of the seven victims four were under 18, one was killed by Israeli troops and two by Israeli settlers.


    Heavy shelling


    Israeli tanks shelled residential districts and houses 299 times while public and private establishments were bombed 312 times, it said, adding that eight government, public and private establishments had been partially or totally damaged.


    Israeli soldiers carried out 60 night raids on Palestinian houses during which at least 47 Palestinians were detained. The report stated that 189 houses were demolished by Israeli occupation forces.


    Israeli tanks shelled residential districts and houses 299 times while public and private establishments were bombed 312 times

    -- Palestinian report

    The occupation forces erected 46 military checkpoints and obstructed the Palestinians' freedom of movement on 67 occasions



    Israeli bulldozers devastated 3510 donums of land, uprooted 100,757 trees, destroyed 15 greenhouses, three stables and confiscated 4733 donums (a donum is equivalent to 1000 square metres) of farmland owned by Palestinians, the report said.


    Among the examples of the truce violation by Israeli occupation forces since it commenced on 29 June is the shooting of a four-year-old Palestinian boy.


    He died and his two sisters were injured after an Israeli occupation soldier fired 16 bullets at a car they were boarding near the West Bank village of Bartaa on 25 June. 


    The Palestinian resistance groups agreed on an interim truce to enable Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to implement the peace road map with  his Israeli counterpart Ariel Sharon.


    The United States-backed road map to peace

    envisages an Independent Palestinian state by 2005. To make it happen, Israel is obliged to release all Palestinian prisoners and withdraw from West Bank and Gaza to the pre-1967 position.


    The Palestinian Authority on its part is expected to ensure that the resistance groups observe a ceasefire and eventually disarm them.  

    SOURCE: Unspecified


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