Other news and programme presenters

Other news and programme presenters

    Everton Fox
    Everton Fox joined Al Jazeera English in March 2007 as weather presenter in Doha from the BBC where he worked for six and a half years.

    Everton joined the BBC Weather Centre in July 2000 to present on BBC World and BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Services). The BBC's first black weather presenter, Everton went on to broadcast across a range of channels including the BBC's interactive channels and on BBC radio. Everton became the main weather presenter on BBC Radio Five Live.

    Everton's career in meteorology began when he joined the Met Office in 1991 and worked as an observer providing forecaster support at DRA Bedford for two years before spending a year at the Norwich Weather Centre. Following that, he spent five years at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk before moving into weather forecasting in 1999.

    Having completed the forecaster foundation programme in March 2000, which included on the job training at RAF Marham in Norfolk, he went on to become a forecaster at the London Weather Centre before joining the BBC.

    Steff Gaulter
    Meteorologist Steff Gaulter joined Al Jazeera English from the UK's Sky News, where she had been a key member of the weather department.

    Steff gained an MA in Physics from Cambridge University before joining the UK Met Office in 1999, where she qualified as a forecaster, and worked at several Royal Air Force bases and civilian centres around the UK.

    Whilst employed by the Met Office, Steff was trained in presenting by the BBC and after a short stint at BBC Bristol's Points West, she joined Sky News in 2000 and became a regular on Channel Five News and Sky Sports News, as well as appearing on Sky Sports and Channel Four.

    She also presented weather forecasts from various locations including the Glastonbury Music Festival and the FA Cup Final.

    Hassan Ibrahim

    Hassan Ibrahim, a seasoned journalist with 29 years of experience, recently featured as Al Jazeera’s Senior Producer in the major motion picture documentary Control Room, where he debated the merits of the Iraq war with the United States Marine Corps spokesman, Josh Rushing.

    During his career Hassan has covered a wide range of conflicts in the Middle East and Africa as well as in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil, making him a well-respected voice in the region.

    He covered the Iran-Iraq war as a young reporter, following the conflict from both the Iranian and the Iraqi fronts, a life-changing experience. While reporting on the wars in his native Sudan he managed to make it twice to the Southern Sudan and Darfur.

    Josh Rushing
    Josh Rushing a 14-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps who held the ranks private through to captain, gained prominence in the major motion picture documentary Control Room, which features his struggles as the United States military's lead spokesperson to the Arab world during the invasion of Iraq.

    Josh's outspoken and conscientious nature in this sensitive role - his conflicts with the Pentagon and his subsequent resignation from the Marines - as well his regular appearances as a fresh, non-partisan, critical voice in broadcast and print media have made him among the most recognisable young media voices in America today.

    You can find out more about his work at his website: www.joshrushing.com.


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