Middle East

Deadly blast hits town in Turkey's Sanliurfa

Car bomb kills at least three-year-old child and wounds 15 people in Viransehir, according to local governor.

Middle East

Al Bab: Russia-Turkey understanding on Euphrates Shield

Ankara's plans to push further east and south of Al Bab might face serious diplomatic challenges, say analysts.

Turkey-Syria border

Dozens of ISIL fighters killed by Turkish-led forces

Battle for Syrian city of al-Bab intensifies with 58 ISIL fighters killed as rebels and government troops converge.

Syria's Civil War

Displaced Syrians stuck in limbo at Idlib's Taiba camp

Thousands of Syrians evacuated from east Aleppo last year face an uncertain future in Idlib province.

Middle East

Syrian jets target rebel-held area in Homs

At least eight people killed in air attack on rebel-held al-Waer neighbourhood of Homs, according to monitoring group.

Syria's Civil War

ISIL fighters 'besieged' in Syria's al-Bab in Aleppo

ISIL is now surrounded by Syrian army from the south and by Turkish-backed rebels from the north, monitoring group says.

War & Conflict

Operation Euphrates Shield: Progress and scope

Ankara should focus on both its diplomatic capabilities and its firm control over the local friendly groups in Syria.

by Can Kasapoglu

Human Rights

UN: 40% of Syrian children in Turkey not in school

Risk of 'lost generation' as UN agency says 380,000 Syrian child refugees miss formal education at present in Turkey.

Middle East

Turkish university lets Syrians study in Arabic

Nearly 2,000 Syrians are taking classes at Gaziantep University where they can resume studies from where they left off.

Middle East

Turkish army suffers biggest loss in Syria operation

Turkish military announces loss of 16 soldiers in clashes around Al-Bab town where fighting has intensified.

Middle East

Syria's Aleppo evacuations resume after delays

Expected departure of last rebel fighters will hand full control of bitterly contested city to Assad government.

Humanitarian crises

Young refugees in Turkey learn circus skills

Learning to juggle, walk on stilts and ride unicycles, young Syrians in Southeast Turkey cope with the trauma of the war

Syria's Civil War

Turkey clinic 'running out of prosthetics' for Syrians

Doctors at one rehabilitation centre say they'll be unable distribute artificial limbs by February due to high demand.


Turkey strikes ISIL positions near Syria's Al-Bab

Military says one soldier and five FSA fighters killed in northern Syria as part of two-pronged cross-border operation.

Syria's Civil War

Turkey blames Syrian air strike for deaths of troops

In first such incident on Syrian territory, three dead and 10 wounded in attack near northern city of Al Bab.