Muslim Ban

Trump's Muslim ban to include social media 'vetting'

Personal accounts and phone records to be scrutinised under travel order targeting seven Muslim-majority nations.


Social media tributes pour in after 'attack on Muslims'

Social media users express solidarity after attack on a Quebec City mosque leaves six Muslims dead and eight wounded.

Human Rights

Disappeared: Silencing Pakistan's activists

Rights groups say blasphemy allegations against disappeared activists aim to silent dissent for good.


Pakistan's violent cyberspace: No place for dissent

The online war against the abducted four bloggers and an activist in Pakistan continues.

by Rabia Mehmood


Anger as Facebook safety feature raises false alarm

Thai users alerted to Bangkok "explosion" that caused no damage or injuries as social media giant triggers safety check.


Facebook finally gets serious about fighting fake news

Facebook is making it easier for users to report fake news when they see it, with fact-checkers ready to jump in.


The media in the post-truth era

In the post-truth world, a far-right embrace of social media threatens the broadcasting of truth.

by Ahmed Al Sheikh

Syria's Civil War

How Facebook hurt the Syrian Revolution

Social media made the Syrian revolutionary movement less resilient and more exposed to regime brutality.

by Riham Alkousaa

Cyber Security

We need to resist censorship of cyberspace

I'm among the liberal US journalists and professors whom Google warned were targeted by government-backed attackers.

by Kara Alaimo

Science & Technology

Snooping, data leaks and the threat to online privacy

Experts warn expansive new surveillance laws and lax attitudes threaten civil liberties and expose new vulnerabilities.

US Elections 2016

US election: The night begins with a storm of tweets

Humour, analysis, despair and anger expressed by millions of social media users as polls begin to close.

US Elections 2016

Trump snares more Twitter attention than Clinton: study

Donald Trump attracts more tweet traffic and support on social media platform than presidential rival Hillary Clinton.


Facebook reverses decision on 'Napalm girl' photo

Social media giant reverses decision to censor iconic Vietnam War image in face of mounting public criticism.

The Listening Post

Alternative media: Zimbabwe

A look at alternative media sources in Zimbabwe offering different perspectives on social media freedom.

The Listening Post

Zimbabwe unrest: Media triggers, media controls

What role does social media play in the current Zimbabwe protests? Plus, journalism caught in the crossfire in Yemen.