Humanitarian crises

Thousands rescued in the Mediterranean over Easter

At least eight, including pregnant woman and child, died trying to cross the Mediterranean over Easter weekend.


One day in Calais: The refugees hiding in the forest

Refugees emerge from the forest and dodge police brutality as a typical day in Calais becomes increasingly perilous.


Finding Family

An orphan's journey back to Bosnia after 20 years in search of answers and an understanding of his long lost family.


I listen to refugees and I hear my own story

The thoughts of a former European refugee on humanity, suffering, big NGOs and big failures.

by Nidzara Ahmetasevic

Reporter's Notebook

S Sudan refugee children 'living life no child should'

Thousands of refugees arrive in north Uganda from South Sudan daily and many of them are unaccompanied children.

Human Rights

African migrants 'sold at open slave markets' in Libya

People are held for ransom, forced labour or sexual exploitation after being sold for up to $500, UN agency says.

Human Rights

UN urges EU not to send asylum seekers back to Hungary

Asylum seekers, including children, are being held in shipping containers surrounded by razor fences, the UN says.


Syrian dies in Greece from burns over most of his body

Refugee who sustained burns covering 85 percent of his body in Chios detention centre passes away in Athens hospital.


South Sudanese troops accused of civilian 'slaughter'

Refugees allege government forces slit throats, shot civilians, and ran down children in Uganda border town attack.


Should Lebanon get more funds for hosting refugees?

While the government invokes risks of economic collapse due to refugees, the reality on the ground is far more complex.


UN cuts cash grant for Afghans leaving Pakistan

Voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan to resume, with cut in cash grant for returnees.


'My son wanted to see Europe': On Tunisia's death boats

Hundreds of Tunisian men have disappeared while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy.


More Afghans deported from Europe arrive in Kabul

Some 248 people have been deported from Europe to Afghanistan this year, compared with 580 in 2016.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian critical after setting himself on fire in Greece

Man, 29, sustains burns to 85 percent of his body after incident inside the Vial centre on the Greek island of Chios.

Asia Pacific

'118 foreign detainees die' in Malaysia in two years

Report says more than half of the 118 dead are from Myanmar, the source for thousands of refugees coming to Malaysia.