Australian PM 'confident' Trump will keep refugee deal

Once in office, Trump could veto deal for US to take 1,200 refugees from Australia's offshore prison facilities.


Saxony: Germany's failed state?

Deemed fertile ground for the far right, many wonder if the former East German state is failing.


Slavoj Zizek on a 'clash of civilisations'

Mehdi Hasan challenges philosopher Slavoj Zizek over his position on Europe's refugee crisis.


Protesters abseil down Australian parliament building

Protesters demanding closure of offshore prison camps abseil down parliament, stopping its proceedings for a second day.


Greece's Tower of Babel: An unusual place

City Plaza functions collectively with refugees and activists cooking, cleaning, and making decisions together.


Horn of Africa refugees flock to Yemen despite war

More than 100,000 people from Ethiopia and Somalia risked deadly boat journey into war-torn Yemen seeking better lives.

Syrian Refugees

The global heart of darkness

I spent two weeks on Chios volunteering and working with refugees who languish in despair and often succumb to suicide.

by Nadia Barhoum


Bulgaria to expel 1,000 refugees over violent protest

Prime Minister says Afghan refugees who clashed with police will be moved to a closed camp and then expelled.


Turkey threatens EU with new refugee surge

Erdogan threatens to open land borders and allow refugees to cross into Europe if talks on EU membership bid are frozen.


Charity: A third of minors missing after Calais closure

Refugee Youth Services said nearly 1 in 3 children it tracked are missing after French authorities closed the camp.


Bulgaria: Refugee protests over treatment turn violent

Refugees clash with police near the Turkish border after authorities restrict their movement over health fears.

Human Rights

A hard winter: Afghan refugees return from Pakistan

Two million more refugees are expected to return to a country mired in violence and braced for a bitter winter.

Human Rights

Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda

Do refugees have a choice in Israel's continued policy of transferring African arrivals to third countries?

Middle East

Lebanon freezes plan for Ain al-Hilweh's 'racist wall'

Refugees say controversial wall is an attempt to further restrict their presence in the camp.


Displaced refugees fear more loss as Lake Chad shrinks

Refugees displaced by Boko Haram take on new life of fishing, but fear all will be lost as Lake Chad slowly disappears.