Humanitarian crises

6,000 people rescued from the Mediterranean

The refugees and migrants were rescued on the Mediterranean route from Libya to Italy in the last few days, IOM says.

Inside Story

Why is Hungary's crackdown on refugees criticised?

A new Hungarian law allows the detention of all asylum seekers as new fences are built along its border with Syria.


When Time Stopped At Sea

An Iraqi former secret agent searches for his teenage son who disappeared on a sinking refugee boat headed for Greece.


Deadly attack on Somali refugees 'unacceptable'

Condemning deaths on boat off Yemeni port of Hodeidah, NGO official says civilian casualties could have been avoided.


Somali refugees die in attack off Yemen's coast

Attack on boat near Bab al-Mandeb Strait leaves dozens of people, reportedly carrying official UNHCR documents, dead.


Charities: Refuge in Europe now 'mission impossible'

Deal to prevent human flow make it very hard to seek refuge in EU and mental issues on rise among refugees, NGOs say.


With travel ban, US 'not the safe place it once was'

People living in fear of detainment and deportation fleeing across the northern border to Canada at an increased rate.

War & Conflict

Palestinian diaspora divided over right to return

Palestinians at Istanbul conference asserted the right of refugees to return to Palestine amid disagreements.


At least 525 refugees drowned in early 2017

Number of drowned in Mediterranean from January to early March higher than last year, raising alarm among rights groups.

Human Rights

Germany's rejected asylum seekers fear deportation

Fear spreads among rejected Afghan asylum seekers as Germany vows to increase deportations in 2017.

War & Conflict

Syrian refugee crisis in numbers

UNHCR says more than four million people have fled Syria since the conflict began. More than half of them are children.


Spanish enclave stands between hope and despair

Border fence with razor wire is a formidable hurdle to overcome before refugees and migrants can enter Europe.


German court rejects refugee's case against Facebook

Anas Modamani wanted Facebook to stop the spread of a selfie he took with Merkel that made him the target of racists.


Hungary passes bill to detain all asylum seekers

UN refugee agency says automatic detention measure violates the country’s obligations under international law.

Middle East

200,000 flee homes as Mosul battle rages

Number of displaced swollen by 45,000 who have fled city's west since push to seize it from ISIL began, says NGO.