On Europe's doorstep: Refugees stranded in cold

More than 6,400 refugees and migrants are stuck in Serbia due to European Union's closed borders.


Hungary sentences camerawoman who kicked refugees

Petra Laszlo, who was filmed tripping up Syrian refugee children, is given three years probation for disorderly conduct.


Germany to return refugees to Greece starting in March

Berlin to begin returning newly arrived asylum seekers to Greece after five-year suspension of such transfers.

Human Rights

Refugee arrivals drop by 600,000 in Germany

Around 280,000 new asylum seekers arrived in Germany in 2016, as compared with the 890,000 the year before.


Germany to tighten security checks on refugees

New controls agreed upon will facilitate electronically tagging immigrants deemed security threat and deportations.

Poverty & Development

An unknown migrant route into EU runs through Lithuania

A newly discovered route through Lithuania's eastern border opens gateway into Western Europe for migrants and refugees.

Middle East

Helping Rana rebuild her life

Palestinian refugees in the Middle East continue to live in dire circumstances.

by Pierre Krahenbuhl

Human Rights

Stranded and sick, refugees endure harsh Serbian winter

Europe's border closures have left thousands of refugees in the Balkans.


The decline of Afghanistan's Hindu and Sikh communities

"I am an Afghan first... But if our life is under threat, if our families are faced with risks, we have to leave."


Lost at sea: The search for missing refugees

Thousands of people remain unaccounted for after attempting the deadly Mediterranean Sea crossing.

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Refugee crisis 2016: 12 countries, 12 months

A look back at the 2016 refugee crisis from 12 different countries.

Humanitarian crises

2016: The year the world stopped caring about refugees

Refugees, rights groups, aid organisations say empathy towards refugees is fading even as deaths in Mediterranean soar.


The cemetery of unknown refugees from the Mediterranean

Hundreds of people have been buried outside Zarzis, Tunisia, after drowning while attempting to cross the sea.


Record number of refugees opt to leave Germany in 2016

Numbers of voluntary deportations are on rise, but so are the numbers of refugees stopping at German borders.

Human Rights

Refugees in Greece work together and build new homes

Away from government-run camps and NGO shelters, Syrians, Palestinians, Afghans and Iraqis launch community initiatives.