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The other Trump executive order that will hurt refugees

A January 25 executive order on immigration enforcement allows for immediate deportations at the border with Mexico.

by Erika Guevara-Rosas


Death in detention: Suicide attempts soar in the UK

Some 393 refugees and migrants locked up tried to take their lives in 2015 - a record-high average of one a day.


South Sudan now 'world's third largest refugee crisis'

UNHCR appeals to government and rebels to find political solution to crisis as more than 1.5 million flee country.


Hungary to detain refugees in container camps on border

Tough new measure adopted after prime minister said country needed to protect itself from 'terror' threat.


World's biggest refugee camp escapes closure

Kenya's high court declares government order to close world's biggest refugee camp 'null and void'.


UK to end 'Dubs' scheme to resettle refugee children

Immigration minister says Dubs programme will end in March after helping 350 children to enter the country.

Muslim Ban

Trump lawyer grilled over 'terror' claims

Ruling on US administration's travel ban expected soon after judges demand 'terrorism' evidence linked to seven nations.


Pakistan extends Afghan refugees' stay to end of 2017

Pakistani cabinet decides to push back Afghan refugees' legal right to stay in the country from March 31 to end of 2017.


Greek punk bands raise money for refugee squats

Around a dozen squats provide housing for refugees and migrants in the Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens.


Libya halts hundreds of Europe-bound refugees

More than 400 people, including many women and children, intercepted by Libya's coastguard attempting to reach Europe.


Inside the world of human smuggling

A look at the smuggling chain, from middlemen and passport counterfeiters to smugglers, and the refugees who use them.


EU leaders ink deal to stem refugee flow from Libya

Aids groups warn against curbing migrant influx before providing safe passage to those fleeing war and persecution.

Muslim Ban

All international laws Trump's Muslim ban is breaking

Trump's Muslim ban flies in the face of international law and treaties the US has ratified.

by Jamil Dakwar

Human Rights

Canada under pressure to counter Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Rights groups urge Canada to lift cap on refugee sponsorship after US bars entry to refugees and immigrants.

Human Rights

Iraq's displaced 'in another prison' after fleeing ISIL

None of the camps housing Mosul's displaced allow for freedom of movement and some camps even ban mobile phones.

by Belkis Wille