Donald Trump

Trump releases 'very nice letter' from Putin

President-elect says US and Russia should restore collaboration after releasing "very nice letter" from Vladimir Putin.

Nuclear weapons

Trump, Putin call for stronger nuclear arsenals

US currently has an estimated arsenal of about 7,000 nuclear warheads, second only to Russia with a few hundred more.


Analysis: New US state chief a perfect fit for Russia

Friendship between Putin and Rex Tillerson dates back to 1990s when the Texas oilman established a US energy presence.

Vladimir Putin

'We need friends,' says Russia's Putin

President says Moscow is ready to work in partnership with the United States, adding Russia doesn't want confrontation.

Edward Snowden

Will Putin expend Snowden for Trump?

With Trump's presidency, Edward Snowden may be compelled to leave Russia the way he entered it.

by Andrew Mitrovica


Russia pulls out from International Criminal Court

Moscow's decision follows UN report on Russian rights abuses and discrimination in Crimea.


Putin fires economy minister over $2m bribe charges

Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev is the most senior government official to face charges in years.


High-ranking Russian minister arrested over $2m bribe

Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev is the most senior government official to face charges in years.

United States

Putin and Trump talk, agree relations 'unsatisfactory'

Kremlin says Vladimir Putin congratulated US president-elect Donald Trump in phone call that also covered Syria war.


Boris Nemtsov murder trial begins in Moscow

Five Chechen men accused of killing the Russian opposition leader go on trial at a military court in Moscow.

Syria's Civil War

Russia blasts US over ceasefire violations

President Putin says US failure to rein in armed groups is a "very dangerous route" threatening the precarious truce.


Putin dismisses powerful chief of staff Ivanov

Removal of Sergei Ivanov, who served with Putin in the KGB, amounts to the highest-level Kremlin demotion in many years.

Inside Story

Is the conflict in Ukraine about to escalate?

Moscow and Kiev are putting their armies on high alert after Russia says Ukrainian forces launched raids into Crimea.


What's behind the Turkey-Russia reset?

Russia and Turkey find themselves in the same boat, so it's only rational for them to de-escalate tensions.

by Dimitar Bechev


NATO's meeting in Warsaw is the 'Second Chance' Summit

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has been trying to find its new role.

by Luke Coffey