Middle East

UN: 'Looming catastrophe' in Syria's besieged towns

UN official urges Syria war players to allow life-saving aid deliveries to 60,000 civilians trapped in four towns.

Middle East

Syrian government 'ready' for prisoner swap with rebels

State media says Assad government 'continuously ready' for prisoner exchange with rebels before upcoming peace talks.

Middle East

Russia, Turkey, Iran discuss Syria ceasefire in Astana

Russia, Iran and Turkey meet in the Kazakh capital to further discuss efforts to strengthen Syria's fragile truce.

Middle East

Will Assad ever be tried for his crimes?

Documentation of violations and crimes in Syria is the first step in the pursuit of justice.

by Noha Aboueldahab

Jabhat Fath al-Sham

Air strikes kill dozens of rebels in northern Syria

At least 40 fighters from Jabhat Fateh al-Sham killed in Aleppo province at a training camp attack.

Middle East

Syria's Assad: Everything on the table in Kazakh talks

In interviews with French media, Syrian leader says military victory in Aleppo was the "tipping point" in the conflict.

Syria's Civil War

The Assad conundrum

Some argued that without his rule, radical Islamists such as ISIL would take over Syria.

by John Bell

War & Conflict

Turkey, Russia 'agree' on Syria ceasefire plan

Turkish state media says if truce succeeds, political talks will start in Kazakhstan under Turkey and Russia's guidance.

Inside Story

Where is the next battleground in Syria?

The Syrian government celebrates the retaking of Aleppo, but is it enough to secure the final victory?

Battle for Aleppo

Whitewashing Assad and his allies must be challenged

When we leave whitewashers to continue their campaigns unchecked, we put our own voices at risk of being marginalised.

by Malak Chabkoun

Inside Story

Syria war crimes probe: Will anyone be charged?

UN votes to set up panel to investigate atrocities committed during nearly six years of war that have devastated Syria.

Inside Story

Aleppo: Beginning of the end of Syria's war?

Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad on the verge of capturing the key city of Aleppo, but at a heavy cost.

Battle for Aleppo

Assad: Capturing Aleppo 'huge step' to end Syria's war

Syrian president rejects opposition ceasefire offer as his army tightens the noose on rebel-held part of the key city.

Battle for Aleppo

Even as the bombs rain on Syria, hope for a better future

After five years covering the horrible human cost of Syria's war, Al Jazeera's Osama Bin Javaid is struck by the resilience of the people.

Syria's Civil War

France pushes for sanctions against Assad government

Foreign minister says meeting to be held in Paris to confront strategy of "total war by Syrian regime and its allies".