What happened to the Chinese Communist Party under Xi?

Xi micromanages China in a way that separates him from previous party leaders. This is both his strength and weakness.

Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

by Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

Inside Story

Is China the next global leader?

President Xi Jinping sets out long-term vision during Communist Party congress as he seeks to consolidate power.

North Korea

China urges Trump to tone down North Korea rhetoric

President Xi Jinping tells US president to avoid 'words and deeds' that provoke Pyongyang as threat of war escalates.

South China Sea

Duterte: China's Xi threatened 'war' over sea oil

Philippine president says Chinese counterpart warned war would start if oil drilling began in disputed South China Sea.

Duterte: China's Xi threatened 'war' over sea oil


When Xi Jinping met Donald Trump

The China-US summit defied expectations and was a sober and affable diplomatic icebreaker.

Richard Javad Heydarian

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Richard Javad Heydarian

US & Canada

Trump, Xi end summit with 'tremendous' progress

Chinese leader speaks in positive terms as US president says 'lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away'.

Trump, Xi end summit with 'tremendous' progress

Reporter's Notebook

Trump's meeting with Xi: What to watch

North Korea and trade will be high on the agenda, but observers in Beijing will no doubt also be watching body language.

Donald Trump meets Xi Jinping: What to watch

Nuclear weapons

North Korea: The elephant in the room at Trump-Xi talks

Pyongyang has pursued its nuclear and missile programmes at an unprecedented pace to expand its deterrence against US.

Reporter's Notebook

Trump's relationship with China: All about the money?

President Xi Jinping heads to Washington to meet Donald Trump, a leader who bashed China throughout his campaign.

Trump-Xi summit: A view from China

Business & Economy

China's Xi defends globalisation in speech at Davos

Bumpy run-up to Trump inauguration gives Chinese leader convenient opportunity to claim assertive role on world stage.


China: Muslim site blocked after petition to president

Authors of letter to president challenging "crimes of totalitarian system" say website shut down after their petition.

Chinese Muslim website blocked after Xi Jinping letter

Human Rights

China: Ai Weiwei's lawyer sentenced to 12 years in jail

Xia Lin, known to be working on sensitive human rights cases, was sentenced nearly two years after being detained.

China: Lawyer Xia Lin sentenced to 12 years in jail


Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and China

What the 2016 elections mean for the US-China economic relationship.

Salvatore Babones

by Salvatore Babones

Salvatore Babones


The G20 embraces green finance

The agenda should be updated to reflect the goal of making green finance a key component of the G20's business.

Ma Jun

by Ma Jun
- Simon Zadek

Ma Jun


Awkward G20 start for US, China after tarmac row

Obama tries to downplay unusual incident between US and Chinese officials upon his arrival in Hangzhou for G20 Summit.