Middle East

Al Bab: Russia-Turkey understanding on Euphrates Shield

Ankara's plans to push further east and south of Al Bab might face serious diplomatic challenges, say analysts.

Middle East

Start of Syria talks in Kazakh capital delayed one day

A new round of talks on the Syrian conflict led by Russia, Turkey and Iran were set to begin on February 15.

Middle East

UN: 'Looming catastrophe' in Syria's besieged towns

UN official urges Syria war players to allow life-saving aid deliveries to 60,000 civilians trapped in four towns.


Britain rejecting child refugees is no surprise

Given the toxic environment post-Brexit, and the historical record, rejecting child refugees is no wonder.

by Alastair Sloan

Syria's Civil War

Is the PLO helping or harming Palestinians in Syria?

Critics accuse the PLO of failing to protect or financially support Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria.

Middle East

Syria rebels cast doubt on attending Kazakhstan talks

Accusing Russia of failing to implement ceasefire, rebels say they might attend talks only if progress is seen soon.

Middle East

Syrian forces accused of chemical attacks in Aleppo

Rights group accuses Syria of eight chemical attacks, killing at least nine people during offensive to retake key town.

Middle East

Syrian government 'ready' for prisoner swap with rebels

State media says Assad government 'continuously ready' for prisoner exchange with rebels before upcoming peace talks.

Syria's Civil War

Turkish forces 'advance in Syria, set sights on Raqqa'

President Erdogan says Turkey's military incursion into northern Syria aims to cleanse a 5,000sq km 'safe zone'.

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Turkish troops and Syrian rebels enter ISIL-held Al Bab

Reports say heavy clashes under way in group's last stronghold in northern Syria with Assad forces also approaching it.

Middle East

Kremlin: Turkey provided location for deadly Syria raid

Russians say Turkish troops should not have been in building while Turks say they were in the same position for 10 days.

Special series

The Boy who started the Syrian War

We tell the story of Mouawiya Syasneh, the boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria.

Turkey-Syria border

Dozens of ISIL fighters killed by Turkish-led forces

Battle for Syrian city of al-Bab intensifies with 58 ISIL fighters killed as rebels and government troops converge.

Syria's Civil War

Displaced Syrians stuck in limbo at Idlib's Taiba camp

Thousands of Syrians evacuated from east Aleppo last year face an uncertain future in Idlib province.

Middle East

Syrian jets target rebel-held area in Homs

At least eight people killed in air attack on rebel-held al-Waer neighbourhood of Homs, according to monitoring group.