Asia Pacific

Malaysia summons North Korean envoy over Kim body row

CCTV footage purportedly showing the deadly assault on Kim Jong-un's brother by a woman in Malaysia is also released.


Malaysia hunts for North Korean murder suspects

Authorities say Interpol aiding search for North Koreans who flew out of Malaysia on same day Kim Jong-nam was killed.

Business & Economy

China to suspend coal imports from North Korea

Country loses crucial source of foreign exchange following latest missile test as China implements UN sanctions.

Asia Pacific

North Korean arrested over Kim Jong-nam's killing

Police make fourth arrest in Malaysia following death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's half-brother.

North Korea

Two arrested over death of N Korean leader's brother

Malaysian police say first female suspect was carrying Vietnamese passport and was alone at the time of arrest.

Asia Pacific

North Korean leader's half-brother 'poisoned'

Kim Jong-nam told medics before he died that he was attacked with a chemical substance, South Korean media reports.

Asia Pacific

North Korea leader's half-brother 'killed' in Malaysia

Kim Jong-nam reportedly poisoned at Kuala Lumpur airport by female North Korean operatives, S Korean media says.

Asia Pacific

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile launch

Security Council urges members to enforce sanctions after Pyongyang's latest ballistic missile test-firing.

Asia Pacific

N Korea declares ballistic missile test 'success'

Kim Jong-un expressed 'great satisfaction' over missile test that triggered US to call for a Security Council meeting.

Asia Pacific

Infographic: What is the reach of N Korea's missiles?

North Korea has vowed to keep testing ballistic missile, but some experts say it is years away from developing an ICBM.

Asia Pacific

North Korea fires ballistic missile, challenging Trump

US and South Korean officials condemn launch and agree to explore ways to suppress "North Korean provocations".

Nuclear weapons

'Overwhelming response': US warns North Korea

US Defense Secretary James Mattis makes first foreign trip to key ally South Korea and reaffirms military alliance.


N Korea defector: Kim Jong-un's days are numbered

One of most senior North Korean officials to flee post says he expects more defections as government systems 'crumble'.

US & Canada

Trouble for Trump: Iran, North Korea, Palestine, China

Experts weigh in on four foreign policy areas where Trump's administration might run into trouble.

by Al Jazeera Round Table

US & Canada

Small hands big missiles: Trump's dangerous adolescence

What happens when two teenage leaders get access to nuclear weapons?

by Marwan Bishara