101 East

North Korea: The Death of Kim Jong-nam

We investigate a murder mystery that has captivated the world: the killing of Kim Jong-nam.

Reporter's Notebook

Trump's North Korea dilemma - are sanctions the way to go?

US officials say sanctions are key to denuclearisation, but how they would force change remains unexplained.

Inside Story

China welcomes US 'path of dialogue' for North Korea

Chinese leaders say they are glad Washington is open to resolving tensions with Pyongyang through talks.

North Korea

Two Koreas: History at a glance

A brief history of how North and South Korea got to where they are today.

United States

US wants to bring North Korea onto 'path of dialogue'

Diplomacy still the preferred option but military action also on the table, US senators are told at the White House.


Is war coming to North Korea?

No one wants a war on the Korean Peninsula, but that could change.

by Jim Walsh


Behind the scenes at North Korea's film academy

A fascinating look at how young North Korean actors are trained in the arts of state propaganda.

Asia Pacific

South Korea deploys parts of US missile defence system

News agency says launchers, intercept missiles and radar of controversial THAAD system have been installed.

Asia Pacific

North Korea marks army day with massive live-fire drill

North Korea has marked the 85th anniversary of its armed forces with large-scale military exercises.

Asia Pacific

US submarine arrives in S Korea as tensions rise

Flurry of diplomacy under way as North Korea reportedly marks military anniversary with large-scale artillery drill.

North Korea

Trump tells UN to prepare new North Korea sanctions

US president says Security Council must be prepared to impose new sanctions on Pyongyang.

Asia Pacific

China urges restraint amid Korea tensions

Appeal comes during Xi phone call to Trump following rising speculation N Korea may hold a sixth nuclear test this week.

Asia Pacific

North Korea threatens to sink approaching US carrier

Rhetoric rises as Pyongyang also warns Australia of a nuclear attack if it joins any US strike on the communist nation.

Asia Pacific

N Korea 'detains US citizen' at Pyongyang airport

Amid regional tensions, Korean-American aid worker reportedly arrested on Friday while trying to leave North Korea.

Asia Pacific

N Korea warns of 'full-out war' with nuclear weapons

US naval strike group set to arrive off peninsula amid concerns North Korea is preparing for a sixth nuclear test.