Nuclear weapons

UN slaps North Korea with toughest-ever sanctions

New sanctions resolution passed by a 15-0 vote after three months of tough negotiations between the US and China.


Will there be a Korean war under Trump's presidency?

If Trump moves away from US' cautious policy towards North Korea, it might trigger a conflict on the Korean peninsula.

by Andrei Lankov


China's failed South Korea embrace

Relations between China and South Korea have been quickly descending over the past year.

by J Berkshire Miller

South Korea

South Korea's Park urges North Koreans to defect

President's direct message to troops and citizens invites them to relocate to "bosom of freedom" amid rising tensions.

North Korea

North Korea claims 'successful' rocket engine test

North Korea has conducted a 'successful' ground test of a new rocket engine to launch satellites, state media said.

North Korea

N Korea able to produce 20 atomic bombs, say experts

Analysts say despite sanctions, increased uranium production means the country can make six nuclear weapons a year.


US bombers fly over South Korea in show of force

Demonstration of solidarity between the allies comes in response to North Korea's most powerful nuclear test to date.

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Should N Korea's nuclear ambitions concern the world?

North Korea says threat of more sanctions is "laughable" after it holds its fifth and biggest nuclear test.

North Korea

More than 130 people dead in North Korea floods

Heavy downpours cause severe flooding in North Korea, leaving 133 dead and hundreds more missing.

North Korea

North Korea 'ready for another nuclear test any time'

South Korea says North is set to conduct an additional nuclear test, days after it drew ire by testing powerful device.

North Korea

N Korea says sanctions push by US is 'laughable'

Washington says it may launch unilateral sanctions against Pyongyang following North Korea's latest nuclear test.

North Korea

North Korea hails 'successful' nuclear test

Pyongyang says it carried out "nuclear warhead explosion", in latest test roundly condemned by its opponents.

North Korea

World leaders condemn North Korea nuclear test

South Korean president says North Korea shows "maniacal recklessness" as world powers unite in condemnation.

North Korea

North Korea fires three missiles in show of force

South Korea says medium-range Rodong-class missiles flew about 1,000km before landing in the waters of the Sea of Japan.

North Korea

North Korea 'executed' top education official

South Korean officials say Pyongyang executed the vice premier of education by firing squad last month.