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Face-off at Egypt's Press Syndicate

Egypt's Press Syndicate is under fire from the Sisi government; plus, the rise of the far-right in the Dutch media.

The Listening Post

Rise of the right: 'Anarchist' media in the Netherlands

We look at how the rise of the far-right is forcing a change in the country's media landscape.


Dutch politicians debate ban on Muslim headwear

Bill set to pass in parliament outlawing face coverings in government buildings and health and education settings.


Politician's trial tests Dutch free-speech boundaries

Anti-Islam PVV party leader Geert Wilders refuses to cooperate in case against him on charges of insulting racial group.

Arts & Culture

Van Gogh paintings found 14 years after being stolen

Italian police recover paintings, worth tens of millions of euros, that were stolen from a museum in Amsterdam in 2002.


Dutch, French far-right parties call for EU referenda

Anti-immigrant, anti-Islam opposition leaders of the Netherlands and France seek their countries' exit from the EU bloc.

Syrian Refugees

Part of the neighbourhood: Syrian refugees in Amsterdam

How a small shelter in the Netherlands is helping Syrian refugees to integrate into the community.


Dutch firmly reject EU-Ukraine ties in referendum

Voters in the Netherlands resoundingly said "no" to EU-Ukraine pact, dealing an embarrassing blow to the government.

European Union

Low turnout endangers Dutch vote on EU-Ukraine pact

As expected, the vote underscored a deep-rooted scepticism about the Netherlands' place in Europe.


Dutch hold referendum on EU-Ukraine deal

Citizen-enforced vote on economic and political ties with Ukraine seen as test of anti-EU sentiment in the Netherlands.

Science & Technology

Nuclear monitoring finds only 'tip of the iceberg'

World ports detect only a fraction of all nuclear material that is being transported illegally, leading scientist says.

War & Conflict

Serbian nationalist politician Seselj acquitted

Vojislav Seselj had been charged with recruiting and arming Serb fighters blamed for atrocities in Bosnia and Croatia.

Brussels Attacks

FBI tipped off Dutch on Brussels attackers

More evidence surfaces of security missteps and communication failures one week after deadly attacks in Belgium.


Johan Cruyff, Dutch football icon, dies at 68

The former Ajax, Barcelona and Holland star was diagnosed with lung cancer in late October.


Geert Wilders on trial for comments about Moroccans

Dutch far-right leader back in court for vowing he will make sure fewer Moroccans will live in the Netherlands.