Netherlands coalition talks under way after vote

European leaders have been congratulating Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister. This week’s parliamentary election results are being seen as a setback for the far-right leader Geert Wilders. Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from the Hague.


Dutch PM: Netherlands said 'stop' to populism

Early results show ruling liberal VVD party taking 31 seats, and Geert Wilders' far-right PVV securing only 19 seats.


Dutch election day: What six voters have to say

Al Jazeera headed to polling stations around The Hague to speak to people about who they're voting for and why.


High turnout as Dutch vote in Europe's far-right test

Crucial vote boils down to a race between Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals and far-right party of MP Geert Wilders.


Who is who in the Dutch elections?

Dutch voters cast ballots in election that boils down to a race between conservative liberals and the far-right.


Does Geert Wilders really matter?

He is unlikely to form a government, so why is he getting so much attention and what do the Dutch think of him?


Dutch vote in key election after divisive campaign

Crucial vote boiled down to a race between Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals and far-right party of MP Geert Wilders.


Dutch Muslims reflect on Geert Wilders before vote

With Geert Wilders dominating the campaign discourse, Muslims are raising their voices to demand equality.


Dutch elections: What is the Wilders effect?

Populist Geert Wilders' biggest impact on Dutch politics is shifting the mainstream discourse to the far right.

by Matthijs Rooduijn


What can the Dutch elections tell us about Europe?

Coming Dutch elections are a prism to understand Europe and tell much about its institutional and cultural crisis.

by Silvia Mazzini
- Kees Jan van Kesteren


Dutch leaders spar in heated debate amid Turkey row

Two days before crucial general election, leading candidates lay starkly opposing visions of their country's future.


Netherlands election: Candidates spar over Turkey row

Dutch voters will head to the polls on Wednesday to vote in a key general election. The two leading candidates have faced off in a televised debate, with the ongoing diplomatic rift with Turkey taking centre stage.

Inside Story

Is the far right headed for victory in the Netherlands?

Dutch voters will decide on Wednesday between two starkly different candidates and party ideologies.

Middle East

Turkey summons Dutch envoy over Rotterdam police action

Notes given to Netherlands criticise the treatment of Turkish ministers and protesters.


Dutch far-right leader Wilders rides Turkey row wave

The diplomatic row between Turkey and the Netherlands is playing into the hands of the Dutch right wing. Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is enjoying growing support ahead of elections on Wednesday.


Turkey FM calls Netherlands the 'capital of fascism'

Turkish officials continue name-calling barrage as dispute over political rallying in foreign nations intensifies.