Latin America

Mexico has its first indigenous woman candidate for president

With Mexico due to elect a new president next year, the country’s major political parties will soon begin lining up their candidates. Marking a historic moment for Mexican politics, among those competing will be the first woman to represent the count.

Latin America

Mexico ruling party wins election but loses support

Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has narrowly defeated a leftist challenger in the central state of Mexico.

Latin America

Mexico: Protesters demand justice for slain journalist

Rights groups accuse Mexican authorities of failing to prosecute those who kill journalists covering drug gangs.

Protesters demand justice for Javier Valdez killing

Inside Story

Why are so many journalists being killed in Mexico?

Prominent journalist Javier Valdez was shot and killed in the of Sinaloa on Monday.


Award-winning crime reporter shot dead in Mexico

Veteran reporter, who covered drug trafficking and organised crime, was the fifth journalist killed in Mexico this year.

Latin America

Mexico: Video shows soldiers killing detained man

Security forces are being challenged over a video showing an apparent extrajudicial killing by a soldier. Al Jazeera cannot independently verify the video, which appears to show a soldier shooting a captured and injured man in the head.

Latin America

Mexican activist who searched for disappeared is killed

Officials say Miriam Rodriguez was shot dead by gunman after dedicating life to finding those who have gone missing.

Miriam Rodriguez who probed daughter's death is killed


Has Syria's opposition lost to Assad?

We speak to Bassma Kodmani, a member of Syria's negotiations committee, and Mexican presidential candidate Rios Piter.


Can Mexico stand up to Trump?

'The wall is a hostile act. It's an unfriendly act,' says Mexican senator and presidential contender Armando Rios Piter.

Latin America

Government funding cripples Mexico's free press

Mexican authorities are paying vast sums of money for advertising space to media groups, which is having a crippling effect on the country's independent press.


Mexico captures Sinaloa cartel boss

Authorities detain accused drug trafficker who launched power bid after arrest of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin Guzman.

Drug cartels

'Juarez is waiting for you': Violent city tries tourism

Despite a rise in killings, the Mexican city has taken on a daunting task - to reinvent itself as a tourist destination.

'Juarez is waiting for you': Violent city tries tourism

Latin America

Latin American refugees turn to Mexico for asylum

With the Trump administration's tough stance on immigration, many asylum seekers from El Salvador and Honduras are increasingly looking to Mexico instead.

Business & Economy

NAFTA and the US: An explainer

What is NAFTA, who are the winners and losers, and why did Trump call it "the worst trade deal" in US history?

NAFTA and the US: An explainer

Business & Economy

Trump: US, Canada and Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA

US, Mexico and Canada agree to renegotiate NAFTA - hours after rumours of new executive order to leave the trade pact.

Donald Trump: US to renegotiate NAFTA, not scrap it