Fuel price hike sparks riots and looting in Mexico

Sudden spike in fuel prices sparks riots, looting, and arrests of hundreds of demonstrators as government holds firm.

rebel education

Mexico: The Power of Early Education

How a school with a rigorous curriculum for children as young as two makes a world of difference to Mexican students.


Mexico fireworks market blast kills at least 32

About 70 injured in the huge explosion - the third in a decade to hit the popular San Pablito marketplace in Tultepec.

Latin America

Mexico: Neither Pax Mafiosa, nor rule of law

The post-authoritarian political system in Mexico has become a violent symbiosis of organised crime and politics.

by Edgardo Buscaglia

Drug cartels

Mexico marks decade-long drugs war

Widely supported at first, former president's strategies came to be heavily criticised as casualty figures rose.

War & Conflict

Mexico's drug war as seen through the eyes of children

Children's drawings depicting extreme violence and distrust of government forces reveal the impact of narco-culture.

Human Rights

Central American mothers search for their missing sons

An annual pilgrimage in which the relatives of the missing follow the steps of their loved ones through Mexico.

Latin America Investigates

Mexico: Land of Impunity

Investigating an apparent culture of impunity that allows some in Mexican law enforcement to detain and kill at will.

Arts & Culture

The Cholula pyramid and the fight for its preservation

Locals fight to save largest pyramid in the world from developers in Mexico's Cholula village.


Mexico: Mourning those killed during teacher protests

In Oaxaca, the battle over education - and the view of Mexico it presents - has often turned violent.


Hotline to help Mexican migrants in US after Trump win

Foreign ministry announces new services, including consular support, passport processing and 24-hour legal advice.

US Elections 2016

Latino resistance under Trump

Trump's presidency will be tough for minorities, but there is hope if we start organising.

by Miguel Guevara

Human Rights

Mexico braced for Trump's deportation policy

Already dealing with unemployment and drug cartels, Guerrero state anticipates possible 1 million deportees from US.

US Elections 2016

Mexicans react to Donald Trump's election win

From fears of inflation to speculation about what it may mean for undocumented migrants, Mexicans reflect on the result.


Mexico foreign minister: We won't be paying for a wall

Claudia Ruiz Massieu says a wall "not part of our vision" as President Pena Nieto says he is ready to work with Trump.