Counting the Cost

Philippines mining shutdown

Can the world's largest producer of nickel ore really live without its metals industry?


Voices from the border: Opposing Trump's wall

Americans living close to the Mexico border voice opposition to policies that falsely conflate immigration and security.

Donald Trump

What's behind the Great Wall of America?

Trump's false advertising routine for a Mexican border wall provides an apt excuse for lucrative militarisation schemes.

by Belen Fernandez

Donald Trump

Trump rips into Turnbull

US president calls refugee deal with Australia 'dumb' after report leaked of harsh call with Prime Minister Turnbull.

Business & Economy

Mexicans left behind by NAFTA see opportunity in Trump

NAFTA led to upheaval in Mexican countryside as cheap grains produced by highly subsidised US farms flooded markets.

Latin America

Mexico needs to stop accommodating Trump

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto needs an overhaul of his foreign policy towards the US.

by Miguel Guevara

Latin America

Trump wants 20 percent import tax to pay for wall

Donald Trump's scheduled meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled after Mexico refuses to pay for wall.

Latin America

Latin America leaders slam Trump's wall

Heads of state gathered at annual CELAC Latin America summit discuss ways to confront new regional reality.

Drug cartels

Mexican drug kingpin 'El Chapo' extradited to US

New York indictment accuses notorious drug dealer of using hitmen to carry out murders, kidnappings, and torture.

Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Mexico

'What you say may cause deep damage that will last longer than a government's mandate or a financial year.'

Donald Trump

Mexico: US border tax could trigger 'global recession'

Economy minister says Donald Trump's proposed border tax to pay for a wall is "a problem for the entire world".

Inside Story

Will fuel price increase help Mexico's economy?

President insists that the 20 percent increase is to the benefit of the country as it will stabilise the economy.

Latin America

Gasolinazo protests: The symptom of a bigger crisis

Mexico is seeing yet another wave of protests and violence and gas shortages are not the real problem.

by Edgardo Buscaglia

United States

Manhunt on after US consular official shot in Mexico

American official treated at a hospital after shooting in Guadalajara, prompting FBI to offer $20,000 reward.


Fuel price hike sparks riots and looting in Mexico

Sudden spike in fuel prices sparks riots, looting, and arrests of hundreds of demonstrators as government holds firm.