Mexico governor detained after six months on the run

Javier Duarte, accused of stealing millions of dollars from government, found in Guatemala and could face extradition.


Fourth journalist murdered in Mexico since March

Maximino Rodriguez Palacios 'shot and killed' in La Paz, becoming the fourth journalist to be murdered in six weeks.

Latin America

Saving the world's most endangered marine mammal

There are only 30 vaquitas left, but could a plan to use navy-trained dolphins to save them be the solution?

Latin America

Mexican fishermen lobby for mangroves protection

Fishermen in Mexico have joined a government fight to stop mangroves from being destroyed. Mexico has the fourth highest number of mangroves worldwide and millions depend on them for their livelihoods.


US, Mexico, Canada launch joint football World Cup bid

Trump's rocky relations with Mexico will not affect the football World Cup bid, says US Soccer Federation chief.

The Listening Post

Silencing journalists in Mexico

Intimidation, killings and censorship are just some of the tactics used to muzzle journalists in Mexico.

The Listening Post

Mexico media battles impunity

Mexico's journalists face intimidation and assassinations, but is the media business in crisis, too?

US-Mexico border

Trump's border wall faces legal battles over private land

Before construction of President Trump's wall on the US-Mexico border can begin, the government must acquire land.

Latin America

Mexico newspaper closes, citing violence to journalists

Norte de Ciudad Juarez wraps up owing to ongoing violence against journalists, director says.

United States

The US-Mexico border wall: What's at stake?

In a five-part series we explore the stories of the Mexicans and Americans living along the border.

Latin America

Second day of Mexican prison riot leaves two dead

Prisoners set mattresses ablaze in protest against new X-ray machines being used on women entering the jail.

Latin America

Mexico: Two entrepreneurs find a way to fight pollution

It's the fifth-largest city in the world, and the sheer volume of people living in Mexico City means it's no stranger to high levels of air pollution. Now, two entrepreneurs are hoping to change that by converting a petrol-powered car to electric.

Arts & Culture

Oaxaca's revolutionary street art

A renaissance of political printmaking seeks to counter cultural domination and give voice to the disenfranchised.


Donald Trump's Wall: The human factor

Uncertainty over the future abounds for many on either side of the border including migrants and local business owners

Latin America

Solid rain: A possible Mexican solution for drought

Agriculture uses a huge amount of the world’s freshwater supply, but a Mexican company may have found a way to ease the pressure.