Cyprus deal 'close' but don't expect 'miracles': UN

UN chief hopes for a breakthrough but says major work remains on how to implement and guarantee a final settlement.


Germany to return refugees to Greece starting in March

Berlin to begin returning newly arrived asylum seekers to Greece after five-year suspension of such transfers.


Talks 'on track' to reach a solution to Cyprus dispute

Maps on territorial claims are exchanged in Geneva, as UN chief travels there to attend peace talks.

Human Rights

Refugees in Greece work together and build new homes

Away from government-run camps and NGO shelters, Syrians, Palestinians, Afghans and Iraqis launch community initiatives.

Business & Economy

Greece's anti-austerity measures incur creditors' wrath

First measures unveiled in over a year as pensioners take to Athens' streets to protest paltry planned handout.


Refugee-run school in Athens camp brings new hope

The school offers respite from crowded refugee life and ensures the kids "know how to write [and] to read now."


Greece's Tsipras revives anti-austerity rhetoric

Technocrats handling fiscal adjustment measures called "silly" by PM overseeing its implementation for last 16 months.


A Greek election in 2017?

As Europe's biggest economies head to the polls in 2017, will Greece follow suit?


Greece: A Sudanese refugee's 13-year wait for asylum

One man's long, winding tale from the civil war and torture in Sudan to legal limbo in Greece.


Greeks strike against 'repressive austerity'

Civil servants, bank staff, merchant seamen and others shut down the country to oppose new pay cuts and taxes.


Greece's Tower of Babel: An unusual place

City Plaza functions collectively with refugees and activists cooking, cleaning, and making decisions together.

Syrian Refugees

The global heart of darkness

I spent two weeks on Chios volunteering and working with refugees who languish in despair and often succumb to suicide.

by Nadia Barhoum


Muslims in Athens prepare for the city's first mosque

Muslims in Greece hope that despite protests by the far-right, the government will stick to its plan to build a mosque.


Refugees: Does anybody care anymore?

Calls grow for refugee protection, as frustration mounts on Greek islands and more boat disasters occur off Libya.


100 years on: The sinking of the HMS Britannic

Sunken giant at the bottom of the Aegean: The Britannic, a diver's paradise, provides clues to mysteries of the Titanic.