Human Rights

Bahraini activist Najeeb Rajab to remain in custody

Court orders release, but prosecutor rules it out, citing other charges pending against the Bahraini activist.


UK think-tank probed for accepting secret Bahrain funds

Questions raised about independence of International Institute of Strategic Studies after multimillion-dollar deal.

Inside Story

Why did Bahrain ban Al Jazeera from the GCC summit?

Al Jazeera Media Network was denied entry into Bahrain where members of the Gulf Cooperative Council are meeting.


Britain to deepen security cooperation with the GCC

Addressing the GCC's annual summit PM Theresa May said she is "clear-eyed" on the threats posed by ISIL and Iran.


Bahrain authorities block Al Jazeera from GCC summit

Al Jazeera journalist refused entry into Manama despite having submitted required paperwork on time.

Human Rights

US calls for release of Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab

Rajab might be facing charges of trying to "undermine the kingdom" after The New York Times published a letter by him.


Bahrain dissolves main opposition party

Manama dissolves main Shia opposition group Al-Wefaq, accusing it of fostering violence in the island kingdom.


Bahraini woman killed in roadside bomb attack

Three children also wounded in explosion near al-Eker village that authorities called "terrorist" attack.


Iran says Bahrain crosses 'red line' in row over cleric

Top Revolutionary Guard commander says Manama's move against Shia cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim could "set region on fire".


Bahrain strips spiritual leader of nationality

Sheikh Isa Qassim accused of fomenting "extremist" sectarian atmosphere, a week after suspension of Al-Wefaq group.


Bahraini court suspends Al-Wefaq opposition group

The Shia group is accused of creating "an environment for terrorism, extremism and violence".


Bahrain detains prominent human rights activist

Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, arrested during raid on his home.


Bahrain ramps up opposition head's jail term

Sheikh Ali Salman's jail term increased to nine years from original four on charges of incitement against government.


Bahrain hands out eight life sentences for 'terrorism'

Court condemns eight people for violence against security forces, possession of explosives and the smuggling of weapons.

Human Rights

Was Bahrain's uprising worth it?

On the fifth anniversary of the 2011 uprising, two Bahrainis offer their take on the country's past and future.