1,100 Afghan children a day 'to drop out of school'

Some 400,000 Afghan children might not attend classes this year, putting them at great risk, Save the Children says.


Pakistan PM orders reopening of Afghanistan border

Pakistan has decided to reopen its crossing with Afghanistan as a 'goodwill gesture'.


American soldiers wounded in Afghan 'insider attack'

Afghan special forces soldier shot dead inside Camp Shorab base in Helmand Province after allegedly carrying out attack.


Pakistani soldiers killed in attack in tribal area

Pakistani Taliban faction says it carried out attack on border post as suicide attack is 'foiled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa'.


Deadly blast destroys bus in Afghan capital

Apparent roadside bomb attack targeting state telecom workers strikes in smart Kabul district, killing at least one.


Taliban kills eight Afghan police in 'insider attack'

Separately, three fighters attack an airbase close to the border with Pakistan in the eastern province of Khost.


Kabul mourns as ISIL claim of hospital attack probed

As Afghans grieve and funerals are under way, officials assess ISIL claim of hospital assault that killed more than 40.


Brazen attack on Afghan military hospital kills 30

Dozens also wounded at Sardar Daud Khan hospital in central Kabul after disguised gunmen launch assault.

Humanitarian crises

Stop targeting humanitarian workers

Humanitarian workers have to balance the risks they are facing with the life-saving impact of their humanitarian work.

by Dominik Stillhart


Pakistan temporarily reopens border with Afghanistan

Torkham and Chaman crossings reopened for 48 hours to allow stranded visitors in both countries to return home.

War & Conflict

Clashes on Pakistan-Afghanistan border kill 15

Ten fighters and five soldiers dead after border posts targeted in attacks claimed by a faction of Pakistani Taliban.

Human Rights

Pakistan approves landmark reforms for tribal areas

Five-year plan merges restive tribal areas with key province, extending basic rights to citizens for first time ever.


ISIL expands in Afghan-Pakistan areas, widening attacks

ISIL expansion poses new challenge for US President Donald Trump, as he vowed to "totally destroy" the rebel group.


Twin Taliban attacks in Kabul kill 16

Explosions and gunfire ring out in different parts of Kabul, killing at least 16 in attacks claimed by the Taliban.


Afghan Taliban kill 11 policemen, confiscate weapons

Armed group claims attack on checkpoint in Lashkar Gah but official says it could be an 'insider attack'.