Latin America

Journalists shot dead during Facebook Live broadcast

Attackers burst into the studio and shot the presenter mid-broadcast, a shooting that was also caught on Facebook live.


Russia denies targeting French presidential contender

Party chief of frontrunner Emmanuel Macron accuses Russia of targeting the campaign of the centrist politician.


Image of Turkish assassin wins World Press Photo award

AP photographer Burhan Ozbilici wins 2017 World Press Photo competition for image of Russian ambassador's assassin.


Why can't Muslims talk about the Muslim ban on US TV?

US cable news media's coverage of Trump's 'Muslim ban' featured predominantly white men instead of Muslims.

by Khaled A Beydoun

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Italy's fake news battle

Who's responsible for spreading fake news in Italy? The populist Five Star Movement, mainstream media or both?

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France's presidential race: Old and new media collide

Following the vote for Brexit and Donald Trump's win, France's presidential race has put the role of media on spotlight.

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Media, old and new, drive France's presidential race

We explore what is driving the presidential campaign in France; plus, the threat of fake news in Italy.

Journalism Is Not A Crime

Al Jazeera reporter held by Egypt for more than 50 days

Qatar-based network calls for release of Mahmoud Hussein, who is being held in conditions that violate his human rights.

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France: Bollore and the media

A look at the tension between business and journalism as French media is concentrated in fewer corporate hands.

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Trump's travel ban: Covering the chaos

While Donald Trump's Muslim ban got plenty of coverage, is the administration capitalising on the fear narrative?

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The media, Muslims and Trump's travel ban

As US borders tighten, we trace the media narratives on immigrants, refugees and Muslim 'Others'.

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How Israel polices Palestinian voices online

Is social media another battleground in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians?

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Reporting the rise of Europe's populist parties

The challenges of covering the rise of the far right in Europe, plus, how Israel polices Palestinian voices online.


Pakistan bans top TV show host over 'hate speech'

Media regulator bans popular TV personality Aamir Liaquat after he accuses abducted activists of blasphemy.

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Obama and the media: Freedom v unprecedented intrusion

Did the Obama administration deliver on its promise of openness in government and what legacy is left for journalists?