Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit vindicated in landmark UK ruling

Al Jazeera has been vindicated in a landmark ruling issued by Britain’s Office of Communications.

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Catalan Referendum: Media, politics and independence

Is the Spanish media coverage serving the people or its political masters? Plus, the persecution of Vietnam's bloggers.


Assessing Trump: Is the president fit for office?

Experts discuss President Trump's mental state - and his effect on others.


India reporters protest deadly attacks on media

Journalists decry killings and intimidation of media on Gandhi's birth anniversary.

Gandhi Jayanti: Reporters slam attacks on media

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Community radio in Mexico: Independence under threat?

We explore the world of Mexican community radio, what it means to audiences and what the future holds.

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Madrid vs Barcelona: Covering Catalonia's referendum

As Catalonia pushes for independence, we look at how the story is being told in Madrid and Barcelona.

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Catalonia referendum: One country, two stories

As Catalans head to the polls, what does independence mean for both sides? Plus, Mexico's diverse community radio.

US & Canada

Is Trump's Twitter evolving White House communication?

Twitter has emerged as US President Donald Trump's preferred method of communication.


Al Jazeera launches new content on Instagram

After Snapchat blocked Al Jazeera in GCC nations, new Instagram content aims to provide creative information for youth.

Al Jazeera launches new content on Instagram

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Did the media cost Hillary Clinton the election?

In her new memoir, Clinton blames, in part, the US news media for her defeat in the 2016 US presidential election.

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War of words: Covering the North Korean threat

How are media outlets reporting on the escalating war of words between US President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un?

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'What Happened': Hillary Clinton and the media

Clinton's memoir blames the media, among others, for her election loss. Plus, covering North Korea's nuclear threat.

Press Freedom

Cambodia: Switching off independent radio stations

Nearly a dozen stations have had licenses suspended without notice as media crackdown continues ahead of 2018 election.

Cambodia: Switching off independent radio stations


Cameroon using 'anti-terror' law to 'silence media'

Committee to Protect Journalists say government uses 'anti-terror' law to silence and intimidate the media in Cameroon.

Cameroon using 'anti-terror' law to silence media: CPJ

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Rohingya: Hate speech, lies and media misinformation

How a vicious media campaign has intensified the pressure on an embattled people. Plus, Sinai's media black hole.