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Facebook under scrutiny after Cleveland shooting video

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company will improve its policing of violent content. The company drew criticism after a man posted a video of himself shooting a 74-year-old grandfather in Cleveland, Ohio, last Sunday.


In search of alternative media in France

A growing band of activists wants to take on perceived bias in mainstream media outlets, but can they succeed?

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Iran's blogfather: How social media is killing open web

Iranian writer and media analyst Hossein Derakhshan talks about the demise of the blogosphere.


Provocateur vs racist: The bigotry double standard

In today's world people who are white, male, and right-wing can easily get away with racism and bigotry.

by Steven Zhou

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How the US media reacted to Trump's Syria attack

For the first time since his inauguration, the US media shifts tone of Trump's coverage after strike against Syria base.

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Syria, Trump and a media u-turn

A look at the US media's change in covering Trump after the strike against Syrian base. Plus, the power of social media.


Fourth journalist murdered in Mexico since March

Maximino Rodriguez Palacios 'shot and killed' in La Paz, becoming the fourth journalist to be murdered in six weeks.

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Investigative journalism vs clickbait: A losing battle?

Thoroughly researched reporting takes time, funding and risk, but often garners less online traffic than cute cat videos.


Journalism in the era of clickbait

Upholding journalistic integrity is the only way to combat pay-per-click business model poisoning media, say experts.


Fake news 'symptomatic of crisis in journalism'

Fact-checkers, media training and a return to journalism’s fundamental principles could solve misinformation ecosystem.


The case for: Can journalists be activists?

Activist-journalists in Syria inform international media about the war, and sometimes it is hard to leave views aside.

by Zouhir Al Shimale


The case against: Can journalists be activists?

The activist-journalist tries to influence debate, whereas a journalist helps to create an informed discussion.

by Deepak Adhikari

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Partisan media and fake newsonomics

How online outlets feed media consumers what they want to hear - whether it's real or fake news.

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Silencing journalists in Mexico

Intimidation, killings and censorship are just some of the tactics used to muzzle journalists in Mexico.

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Mexico media battles impunity

Mexico's journalists face intimidation and assassinations, but is the media business in crisis, too?