Marquez retains MotoGP crown

Gritty Spaniard seals his fourth global title in five years after a fighting second-place finish in the Japanese GP.

    Marquez took an unassailable lead in the championship after the second-place finish [EPA]
    Marquez took an unassailable lead in the championship after the second-place finish [EPA]

    Marc Marquez retained his MotoGP title with a fighting second place finish in the Japanese Grand Prix, the dominant Spaniard securing a fourth global title in five years at his Honda team's home Motegi circuit.

    By claiming 20 points for a second-place finish, the 21-year-old stretched his championship lead over Italian Valentino Rossi of Yamaha and his team mate and compatriot Dani Pedrosa to an unassailable 82 points with three races remaining.

    "I am really happy to win the title on Honda's home circuit and I offer my thanks to my family and to the team for giving me the best material and motivation to win the world title," an elated Marquez told reporters.

    Yamaha's double former world champion Jorge Lorenzo claimed victory on the day 1.638 seconds ahead of Marquez, who overtook Rossi with eight laps remaining and held off the Italian to secure the title.

    Catalan Marquez continues to blaze a trail through every class he has raced in, first winning the 125cc title in 2010, then the Moto2 crown in 2012 before claiming back-to-back MotoGP titles.

    He could have settled the championship earlier in the season after registering a record 11 consecutive wins but crashes in San Marino and Alcaniz in the last two races delayed his coronation.

    Last 10 winners:

    2014 Marc Marquez (Spain) Honda

    2013 Marc Marquez (Spain) Honda

    2012 Jorge Lorenzo (Spain) Yamaha

    2011 Casey Stoner (Australia) Honda

    2010 Jorge Lorenzo (Spain) Yamaha

    2009 Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

    2008 Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

    2007 Casey Stoner (Australia) Honda

    2006 Nicky Hayden (U.S.) Honda

    2005 Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

    SOURCE: Reuters


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