One family's deeply personal journey through the 2011 Yemeni revolution.
How one homeless US family, trapped by diminished economic opportunities, is navigating through the daily challenges.
A moving and joyful coming-of-age tale of a young man, determined to become a master in the art of making baklava.
We explore the hip side of Congo-Brazzaville with a style icon, a rap artist, a wrestler, and a radio talk show host.
An inspirational film that uncovers the impact of Turkish soap operas on women across the Arab world and beyond.
One innovative journalist has found a way to get daily news and information to Liberians – with the aid of a blackboard.
The story of two women who leave their homes and families in the Philippines to teach at schools in the United States.
Armed with a camera, Ahmed Khatir sets out to tell the story of a war that hardly anyone has heard of.
An investigation into the toxic trail of illegal e-waste that is ushered from the first to the third world.
A composer struggles to host a concert featuring female singers as public performances by women are banned in Iran.
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Two brave bloggers risk life and limb to challenge Russia's press restrictions and get their stories told.
How an Inuit community on the north coast of Greenland is pulling together to save their village and way of life.
Can a fragile network of small radio stations help bring reconciliation to Sierra Leone?
The story of six Syrian activists who risk their lives to capture the horrific daily realities of the conflict.
Three medics return to Beirut and recall events they saw from 'Gaza Hospital' during the Sabra and Shatila massacre.
Mainland Chinese migrants are caught in limbo without healthcare or housing as they wait years for Hong Kong residency.
Activists brush with the law and the mafia in their bid to rescue songbirds from ending up on European dinner tables.
An orphan's journey back to Bosnia after 20 years in search of answers and an understanding of his long lost family.
One medic finds that moves towards political reform have not benefited his patients in Burma's remote border areas.
Three Syrian children seek refuge over the Turkish border where teachers try to help them cope with the trauma of war.
South Africa's miner strike led to the country’s deadliest act of police violence since the end of apartheid.
A rare insight into 19th century New Zealand and a Maori tribe's struggle to protect their cultural heritage.
Migrants send money home to support their families, but there is a dark side to cash transfers.
A look at Turkey's call to prayer competition and the phenomenon of individuality within Islamic culture.
Mohawk ironworkers raised America's cityscapes but who are these 'sky dancers' with homes on the reservations?
Can restoring an old van transform the life of a poor but determined Polish teenager who lives off stealing scrap metal?
Two young women who got caught up in the 2011 terror attacks in Norway describe the harrowing events.
An emotional search for belief and identity in modern China as gamblers deal with debt and addiction.
Victims' families and an ex-US soldier unpick the Wikileaks film that showed US forces killing Iraqi civilians in 2007.
The city's masses in eastern China turn to an unusual legal advocate to settle their cases.
A Congolese theatre student and revolutionary spent years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
Filmmakers follow one girl's story inside Rio's biggest favela, starting from the time she was born.

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