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Days of Hope

An intimate look at the struggles of illegal refugees travelling across the Mediterranean, from Africa to Europe.

Chechnya: War Without Trace

A unique look at Chechnya's remarkable transformation and the terror that exists behind its gleaming facade.

On the e-waste trail

An investigation into the toxic trail of illegal e-waste that is ushered from the first to the third world.

Searching for Steele

An investigation into the role played by a retired US colonel in Iraq's US-funded sectarian interrogation units.


Can the new wealth of South Africa's young, black middle class match the riches of family, tradition and spirituality?

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101 East

It's a man's world

Can perpetrators of violence against women play a role in preventing it and to what extent can early intervention help?

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Empire - The US & Cuba: Obsession

The US and Cuba: Obsession

The US and Cuba: Obsession

After decades of tension and hostility between the two nations, has change finally come to US-Cuba relations?