Smriti Daniel

Arts & Culture

Bogota's bibliophile trash collector who rescues books

Jose created a community library and donates books to children, believing that education can break the cycle of poverty.


Life and times of Sri Lanka's oldest leprosy hospital

Erected in 1708, the Hendala Leprosy Hospital once had 900 patients. Fewer than 30 remain.


Q&A: Satirist Pardis Parker takes aim at US propaganda

The star of Mideast Minute talks about the power of satire and how some government officials and news outlets are lying.


Q&A: Fuchsia Dunlop on the politics of Chinese food

The writer and expert on China's gastronomy discusses her scepticism about applying Western standards to Chinese food.

Wild Animals

Sri Lanka's antivenom leap forward

By making its own antivenom, Sri Lanka could boost its technology capacity and become a model exporter for others.


World's tallest Christmas tree unites Sri Lanka

Assembly work resumes on the Guinness World Record-breaking 325-foot-tall Christmas tree taking shape in Colombo.


Robots lending a helping hand on Australia's farms

Are robots the cost-saving innovation that will help Australia's farmers stay in business?

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Ancient innovations combat water woes

In a village of abandoned wells, ancient water management techniques are throwing a lifeline to desperate villagers.

Arts & Culture

Sri Lanka: Ena de Silva's moving house

How architect Geoffrey Bawa changed Sri Lanka's architecture and historical preservation efforts.

Arts & Culture

Playing with fire in Sri Lanka's fireworks village

In Kimbulapitiya village, fireworks manufacturers rely on taking deadly risks and innovation to meet soaring demand.


Why Sri Lanka beats India in maternal mortality ratios

Midwives are central to Sri Lanka's commitment to mother and child health and their approach is inspiring South Asia.

War & Conflict

De-mining Sri Lanka: a job for widows and survivors

Meet those clearing the large numbers of landmines left behind by the army and Tamil Tigers after Sri Lanka's war.