Safa Joudeh


In Cairo, Abbas under pressure over succession plan

Egypt applied severe pressure on Palestinian president to end internal division and resume Palestinian-Israeli talks.


Is the Palestinian Authority still relevant?

Analysis: The PA struggles to stay relevant amid regional and international efforts to secure Gaza ceasefire.


Analysis: Media war escalates in Gaza

Social media is allowing Palestinian activists and armed groups alike to make headway in a war of words and images.


Missiles pound Gaza neighbourhoods

BBC cameraman reflects on strikes which killed his infant son as other Palestinians face similar attacks.


Waiting in Gaza

An insight into life under blockade inside a 360 sq km piece of land.

Gaza: One Year On

Displaced and desperate in Gaza

With the blockade in full force, those who lost their homes see no chance of rebuilding.

War on Gaza

Gazans pledge to rebuild

Emerging from the rubble, they hope to restore their lives.


Displaced and desperate in Gaza

Palestinians say Israel's assault on Gaza evokes memories of the 'nakba'.