Robin Forestier-Walker

Robin has been reporting for Al Jazeera English from Europe and Central Asia since 2008. He was a Rory Peck Award News finalist for his coverage of the inter-ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan and has covered the country's political upheaval since the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in April 2010. Robin worked for BBC News for six years before going freelance in late 2006. Twitter Robin


Georgia's very public sex tapes and the secret police

Georgians shocked by release of videos exposing sex lives of leading politicians, amid warnings that more are to come.


Crackdown on dissent in Kazakhstan as economy slumps

Activist jailed for inciting social hatred on Facebook, then released after apology, as dropping oil prices hit hard.

Business & Economy

Global oil glut leaves Kazakhstan reeling

Many struggling to make ends meet in main city of Central Asian nation whose economy is heavily dependent on oil.


Soviet-era cable cars keep Georgian town going

Cable-car system is Chiatura's public transport, and it has been running for free, 24 hours a day, since 1952.


Interview: Kyrgyzstan coalition nominates Sariyev as PM

Al Jazeera meets head of new government after October election and probes the leader on nation's close ties with Russia.


Kyrgyzstan's chance to stand out in Central Asia

Landmark vote in post-Soviet state sets an example in a regional sea of authoritarianism.


Angry Armenians 'electrify' Yerevan

Armenians have given birth to #ElectricYerevan, a subversive protest brand, over government plans to hike power prices.


Azerbaijan pressured over sex-selective abortions

Country has one of the world's highest selective abortion rates, with women pressured or choosing to abort girls.


Macedonia on a road to nowhere

Our correspondent describes the mood in Skopje as rival crowds face-off amid allegations of corruption against the PM.


Georgia wary of Russia 'expansion plans'

Fears of Kremlin's next ploy after Crimea annexation prompt risks of antagonising pro-Russian ethnic Armenians.


Watch Kiev if you believe in Europe

As Ukrainians brave snow and riot police for their belief in the EU, do their fellow Europeans hear their cry?


Will fine words fix Afghanistan?

Foreign ministers from Heart of Asia group resolve to cooperate and 'implement' key projects once US and NATO withdraw.