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Sierra Leone schools for pregnant students raise questions

Alternative classes have been offered to 'visibly pregnant' girls since country's schools reopened following Ebola crisis.


Cocoa farms spring back to life in Sierra Leone

A training programme for youth in Sierra Leone brings 4,500 hectares of land back to life through cocoa farming.

Sierra Leone

The women dying for an abortion in Sierra Leone

"She died in front of my office door. Her head just slumped back in her wheelchair. She was 24 years old."


Comforting Ebola patients in their final days

Despite risks and stigma, healthcare workers in Sierra Leone are urging others to join Ebola's front lines.


Thousands orphaned by Ebola face stigma

In Sierra Leone, children who survive Ebola or whose parents died from the virus are often shunned.


Fears amid new Sierra Leone Ebola strategy

Planned 'stay-at-home' campaign seeking to raise awareness about deadly virus leaves many wondering how they will cope.

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It's a dog's life for Sierra Leone vet

One of Sierra Leone's few veterinarians wages an uphill battle against rabies on a shoestring budget.