Mauricio Morales

War & Conflict

Ghosts of Aleppo

Aleppo and its residents have endured a horrific war for the last five years.


Civilians, FARC hold vigil following revised peace deal

After the rejection of the initial treaty, the Colombian government signed a revised peace deal with FARC rebels.

Middle East

Syria civil war: New beginnings in Kobane

Thousands of people who fled from Kobane into neighbouring Turkey have since returned home.

Middle East

Meet the female Kurdish fighters battling ISIL

From Syria's strategic Tishrin Dam, members of the YPG and YPJ have launched operations against ISIL.

Middle East

Families flee ISIL in Iraq

Since the operation to retake Mosul began, displaced civilians have been streaming into Iraq's Kurdish region.

War & Conflict

Power struggle rages in Libyan oasis town

The indigenous Tuareg and Tebu tribes have been fighting in Ubari to find their place in a new Libya.