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Middle East

Infographic: What is land day?

Every year on March 30, Palestinians demonstrate their commitment to resisting Israeli occupation.


Egypt: Lawyers to appeal sacking of former top auditor

Group calls the firing of Hesham Genena - who alleged corruption cost Egypt $75bn between 2012-2015 - unconstitutional.


Egyptians 'wish' they were on hijacked EgyptAir flight

Social media users in Egypt express passenger envy after commandeered domestic flight lands in Cyprus.


Egypt's currency devaluation fuels debate

Announcement comes as Cairo grapples with a moribund economy on a downward spiral since the 2011 January uprising.


Mixed reaction to Canada plan to change citizenship law

Bill C-24 controversially granted government power to revoke citizenship of dual nationals convicted of specific crimes.


Egypt's Sisi promises laws to tackle police brutality

Pledge made after hundreds protest outside security headquarters in Cairo over fatal shooting of taxi driver by officer.

Oil Price

Iran's political play with the oil giants

Recent overtures to OPEC cartel, including rival Saudi Arabia, seen as an attempt to revitalise its oil sector.


Sisi: Egypt has completed a democratic transition

President addresses parliament for first time, after thousands of doctors protested in Cairo against police brutality.

Humanitarian crises

Middle East economic growth 'possible through peace'

World Bank report says GDP growth could increase from 3.3 percent to 7.8 percent in five years if conflicts ended.


Canada Votes

Canadian voters will be electing their 42nd parliament on October 19. This is where the three main parties stand.


Canada's election and foreign policy foibles

Siding with Israel, shunning climate change, and reducing Africa aid are hallmarks of a 10-year Conservative rule.


A haven no more: Canada's conservative refugee policy

Cumbersome application process and security measures frustrate refugees hoping to resettle in once-welcoming Canada.