Matthew Vickery


Ukraine war: Mothers in search of disappeared sons

"I just need to find him. I know he is still alive somewhere."

Middle East

'I hope there are still Samaritans in the future'

The tiny ethno-religious community in the occupied West Bank is fighting to keep its traditions alive.

Arts & Culture

Music therapy for traumatised Palestinian children

Sounds of Palestine offers a "peaceful and safe place" for children in Aida refugee camp to study music.


Blind journalist seeks out Palestine's forgotten voices

Despite obstacles, Budour Hassan says her disability has helped her to see the world in a different way.

Syrian Refugees

'We have the same God': A priest helps Syrian refugees

In a Greek village at the heart of the refugee crisis, Father Schuff calls on priests and monasteries to do more.


The Greek island helping Syrian refugees

How a village founded by refugees fleeing the Greco-Turkish war is now saving those escaping conflict today.

Middle East

Death and humiliation: A tale of a Palestinian village

Sa'ir, a West Bank village, is the outcome of living in the intense microcosm of the Israeli occupation.


Gaza's Christians: 'Israel can't beat us down'

For the religious minority, celebrating Christmas is an act of defiance in the face of the ongoing Israeli blockade.

Humanitarian crises

A day in the life of a Gaza medic

Tending to Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli forces has become a Friday routine for medics in the Gaza Strip.

War & Conflict

Another winter in Gaza's makeshift homes

As Gaza's post-war reconstruction process has faced grinding delays, many residents are still living amid rubble.

Gaza: After the war

Clearing the rubble: Gaza's child workers

In war-torn Gaza, three young brothers take on the responsibility of providing for their family.


Children of Hebron: 'Everyone is afraid'

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians in Hebron have been especially traumatic for children, experts say.