Jason Gutierrez


No justice years after Philippines massacre

No one convicted after 58 people gunned down in cold blood in 2009 in the country's worst political mass killing.


Hope battles despair a year after Haiyan

For survivors of the super typhoon that killed 6,300 people, life in the Philippines remains a struggle.

Human Rights

US-Philippines ties and transgender killing

US Marine arrest puts controversial military deal in the limelight after transgender Filipino found dead in a toilet.

Asia Pacific

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf back in the spotlight

Armed group's ransom success with German hostages marks a re-emergence, as authorities investigate ISIL links.


In Pictures: The decline of Philippine tuna

Unregulated fishing is threatening the collapse of the tuna industry, conservationists say.

Arts & Culture

Philippines hunts for Marcos' plundered art

As family of former dictator seeks historical redemption, government counters with unrelenting search for stolen wealth.


In search of Manny Pacquiao's heir apparent

Teenage phenom with quick hands and a passion for boxing has reminded many of the great Filipino fighter at a young age.

Humanitarian crises

Storms rage over Filipino forecaster exodus

Five senior meteorologists in the Philippines have just resigned to work abroad, highlighting a worrying trend.


A Philippine oasis for HIV/AIDS patients

The Positive Action Foundation Philippines, manned by HIV-positive staff, provides care to those who have no one else.


Filipino church flexes political muscle

The Church of Christ built a $200m megachurch while analysts say members vote in a block.