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Middle East

Yemen cholera crisis: Disease kills 'one person per hour'

A cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen is a threat to millions living in desperate conditions. More than 100,000 people have fallen ill in the past month.

Middle East

Qatar hires law firm to counter "terrorism" accusations

Qatar has hired former US Attorney General John Ashcroft, and his law firm to counter accusations by Donald Trump that Doha supports "terrorism".


Mental health concerns in Indian-administered Kashmir

Decades of conflict between separatists and the armed forces have taken its toll on the mental health of many people in Indian-administered Kashmir.


Women's rugby: India backs young Kashmiri players

Girls' rugby sevens in Kashmir is one of a range of sports the Indian government is promoting to try and engage with young people. The Indian-administered state has endured a nearly 30-year-long, often violent campaign for independence.


Anti-India protests hit Kashmir tourism industry

A 16th century Persian poet described it as “paradise on earth”. But tourists are staying away from modern-day Kashmir because of long-running protests against Indian rule.


Indian curbs on internet use anger Kashmiris

Mobile internet has been blocked for more than a week in Indian-administered Kashmir. The government says it is to stop the spread of false news that has led to violence in the region.


Pellet guns take toll on civilians in Indian-administered Kashmir

Security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir say they will continue to use pellet guns against protesters.


Kashmir unrest: Students protest despite university shutdown

Universities and colleges in Indian-administrated Kashmir have been forced to close for a second day after another outbreak of anti-India protests. Mobile phone networks have now been cut-off.

Middle East

Turkey referendum: 'No' voters hope their views not ignored

The ruling AK Party, which backed the 'Yes' vote, had hoped for a wider margin of victory in Sunday’s Turkish referendum. But in several major cities - places that had previously supported President Erdogan - the no campaign came out on top

Middle East

Israel passes law to ban boycotters

Israel's parliament has passed a law allowing the government to bar entry to people who have called for an economic or cultural boycott of the country.

Middle East

Israel to demolish Bedouin homes in Palestinian village

The Israeli military says it will demolish all homes, a school and a mosque in a community that lies in the way of planned illegal settlement expansion.

Arts & Culture

Gaza's only female comedian faces challenges

Reham al-Kahlout says it is not easy for other women to join her on stage because society is increasingly conservative.