Annette Ekin

Annette Ekin is a journalist and producer at Al Jazeera English online. She has reported from India, Nepal, South Korea, the US and Australia.


Lives in limbo: Why Japan accepts so few refugees

People from all around the world seek asylum in Japan, but just 28 were accepted in 2016.


Sexual assault in Japan: 'Every girl was a victim'

Sexual assault of schoolgirls is commonplace on Japan's public transportation, but now more girls are speaking out.


Remembering the troubadour of the Libyan revolution

Matthew Millan talks about his documentary which follows defiant musicians who emerged during the Libyan uprising.

South Korea

Sewol disaster victims: The bedrooms they left behind

Photographers and artists remember the child victims of the South Korean ferry disaster.


Q&A: Photo Kathmandu shows 'Nepal still stands'

Al Jazeera speaks to co-director NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati about launching Nepal's first international photo festival.

Humanitarian crises

When disaster struck: Nepalese volunteers in aid action

A month after the earthquake killed more than 8,600 people, volunteer relief missions continue to be a vital lifeline.

Humanitarian crises

Fears as buildings continue to crack in quake-hit Nepal

Thousands of buildings are too dangerous to live in but continue to stand perilously in capital Kathmandu.


Pregnant women vulnerable after Nepal quake

Lack of adequate health facilities and loss of breadwinners putting health of pregnant women at risk, officials say.

Humanitarian crises

Nepal: Volunteering to save quake victims

Ordinary Nepalese have took it upon themselves to provide life-saving services for those most in need.

Humanitarian crises

Nepal: Mental distress rises amid the devastation

As physical wounds begin to heal, emotional scars left by the deadly earthquake will linger for years in Nepal.


Nepal quake's oldest survivor tells of his ordeal

Fulche Tamang, a resident of Nuwakot district, says the April 25 earthquake was far worse than the one of 1934.

Humanitarian crises

Medical teams ramp up operations in quake-hit Nepal

Foreign NGOs and the military work feverishly to treat the wounded, but many remain cut off from proper healthcare.