Woods shoots worst round of his professional career

Former world number one and 14-time major champion now sits 172nd in the world rankings.

    Woods has won this event five times [Getty Images]
    Woods has won this event five times [Getty Images]

    Tiger Woods produced the worst round of his professional career, a 13-over-par 85 in the third round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village.

    The 14-time major champion finished off a bad day with a quadruple bogey eight on the 18th hole to eclipse his previous worst of 82 at the Phoenix Open earlier this year.

    Just a day after making a clutch par putt to make the cut on the number, the five-time event champion managed just one birdie while carding six bogeys, two double bogeys and the quadruple bogey.

    Woods' majors
    Masters Tournament: 4
    US Open: 3
    The Open: 3
    PGA Championship: 4

    "This is a sledgehammer to the side of the head," six time major champion Nick Faldo, now an analyst, said on Golf Channel.

    "Tiger is going to walk away saying to himself, what am I going to do next? How do I pull this back. I'm not too sure he much can handle all of this."

    The round marked the third time in his professional career Woods had failed to break 80 after an 81 in the 2002 British Open.

    The former world number one, who has slumped to 172nd in the global rankings, found water hazards four times.

    As was the case over the opening two rounds he struggled to find fairways, getting just seven of 14, leaving him with 16 of 42 over three rounds

    He sits 71st at 12-over par for the tournament, 24 shots off second round leader David Lingmerth.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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