MJ Rosenberg


The price of Netanyahu's Washington trip

For Netanyahu, the only gauge of success is whether an action helps or hurts his election chances.


Is it not time to dismantle the CIA?

A former US president wanted to break up the CIA after it strayed from its mission, engaging in 'strange activities'.


North Korea: An 'act of war' over a movie?

Sony's decision to pull the film 'The Interview' has more to do with business and profit than with national interests.


Epic fail: The neocon attempt to destroy the anti-Iran war movement

NIAC has increasingly troubled the war crowd, "so much so that it has become one of their favourite targets".


Obama defeats the Israel Lobby

As long as Israel's security is not put at risk - "and no president would put it at risk" - the president will prevail.


Choosing Hagel sends an important message

US interests are being damaged by Israel's current shift to the extreme Right, so why not nominate Chuck Hagel?


Can Israel survive?

The country's main lobbyists in the US may end up hastening a one-state solution, much to their own dismay.


Why Peter Beinart is driving the 'pro-Israel' establishment crazy

Peter Beinart's latest book has not only angered the Israeli left, but has caused fury amid the right.


Who speaks for Iranian-Americans?

In 2009, Obama pursued a diplomatic approach toward Iran, while today he relies on sanctions and threats of war.


The case for bombing Iran is quickly collapsing

Common sense dictates that war with Iran would be devastating for the region - and common sense must prevail.

US & Canada

Misuse of anti-Semitism charge is repulsive

In US politics, conservatives frequently - and falsely - deride political opponents as anti-Semitic.


Not blindly, not arbitrarily

Arab League is offering Israel peace, normalisation and security in exchange for ending their occupation in Palestine.