Julie Owono


Military and religious extremism on the shores of Lake Chad

Failure of regional and pan-African cooperation and solidarity benefit the armed groups around Lake Chad and beyond.


Ghana: A democratic anomaly

Unlike many sub-Saharan states, Ghana saw a peaceful transition of power last week after President Mills died.

US & Canada

Paranoia and despair rule Cameroon

President Paul Biya is slinging accusations of murderous conspiracies and imprisoning officials accused of embezzlement.


The fate of multiculturalism in France

The unprecedented electoral success of the far-right shows the resonance of extremist and nationalist discourses.

US & Canada

Kony 2012: A humanitarian illusion

The viral video campaign may have reached tens of millions of people, but its message is simplistic and misleading.


The martyrdom of elephants: A sad tale of greed

A recent mass slaughter of elephants shows Cameroon's government is woefully unequipped to deal with poachers.


Unspoken history: The last genocide of the 20th century

Despite evidence to the contrary, France still completely denies involvement in two of Africa's 20th century genocides.


Devaluing a controversial currency

Fourteen African countries use a currency that hurts their economies and benefits their former colonial master, France.

Latin America

Gulf of Guinea leaders buy their credibility

African leaders are funding expensive PR campaigns on foreign soil in order to ensure international support.