Seizing solar power in Argentina

One woman's mission to harness solar rays to chart a path to energy independence in arid northern Argentina.


In arid northern Argentina, many people have only one source of fuel: wood and often scrawny bushes that are increasingly hard to find.

But the region also has a huge untapped resource - solar radiation - and one woman's mission is to harness its potential and promote solar energy as the main power source for entire villages.

From kitchens and ovens to heating, lighting, hot water and even a public phone, Virginia Bauso roams the desert spreading innovative technology, including a "kiosk" she invented that cooks food using the sun's rays.

The community of Misa Rumi is now almost 100 percent solar-functional. As deforestation and desertification continue to ravage Argentina and beyond, Bauso's vision could play a major role in charting a sustainable path to energy independence.

To follow the story, watch the Witness film: Seizing Solar Power

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