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At least five peo­ple killed af­ter 8.0-earth­quake struck near San­ta Cruz is­lands, trig­ger­ing warn­ings across Pa­cif­ic.

Published On 6 Feb 2013
Solomon Islands tsunami

De­spite the nine coun­tries that vot­ed “no” against Pales­tine in the UN, it is clear the ma­jor­i­ty of the world dis­agrees.

opinion by John V. Whitbeck
Published On 2 Dec 2012
Palestine tacitly acknowledged as state

Call comes af­ter Turkey ex­pelled Is­raeli en­voys in protest against Tel Aviv’s re­fusal to apol­o­gise for dead­ly ship raid.

Published On 3 Sep 2011

South Pa­cif­ic is­land na­tion will move a day for­ward to bring clocks clos­er to ma­jor trad­ing part­ners such as Aus­tralia.

Published On 9 May 2011
Samoa image for story about hop across date line