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The tropical storms keep rolling in

Mexico and the Philippines feel the brunt of repeated hurricanes and typhoons in quick succession.

    Hurricane Polo battered much of coastal southwest Mexico including Coyuca de Benitez in Guerrero State. [AFP]
    Hurricane Polo battered much of coastal southwest Mexico including Coyuca de Benitez in Guerrero State. [AFP]

    Final warnings have now been issued for Tropical Storms Odile and Kalmaegi, but not too far behind we have another two storms waiting to have an impact over similar areas.

    Odile caused widespread floods across northwest Mexico and threatens severe flooding across parts of the southwestern US this weekend. Meanwhile, Hurricane Polo is now clipping the same Pacific coast that saw Odile when it was a Category 3 hurricane barely a week ago.

    Thankfully, Hurricane Polo is expected to remain offshore and will reach maximum intensity on Friday before taking a left turn out into the open waters of the eastern Pacific. However, torrential rains and heavy seas are likely to cause some coastal flooding across southwest Mexico over the next few days.

    In the case of Typhoon Kalmaegi, the remnants of the storm are now moving across Indo-China. Even on 18 September it brought 113mm of rain to Chongqing in southwest China.

    The storm known locally in the Philippines as Typhoon Luis crossed northern Luzon around 10 September. Just over a week later, the same region is preparing for the arrival of Typhoon Fung-Wong.

    It is expected to clip the far north of the island but some parts could see well over 200mm of rain by the end of the week.

    There is one other system swirling away at the moment. Hurricane Edouard is the strongest storm to develop in the Atlantic basin since Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Fortunately Edouard poses no threat to land and is already starting to weaken.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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