In Pictures: Fung-Wong rolls into Shanghai

Images of the storm as it moves into eastern China


    Tropical Storm Fung-Wong steadily weakened as it cleared the Philippines and moved across Taiwan and the coastal fringes of eastern China. The storm was named in Hong Kong and literally means Phoenix.

    The system had already battered the Philippines. Known locally as Mario, it killed at least 13 people and displaced over 200,000 more as it crossed northern Luzon. One other person died in Taiwan as a result of the storm.

    Fung-Wong has now been downgraded. The winds eased right down on its approached the Korean Peninsula and southern Japan. It made for a wet Wednesday at the Asian Games taking place in Incheon in South Korea.

    Southern Japan still faces the risk of some flooding over the next few days, but the weather should settle down by the weekend.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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